Guide to Placing Straight Forecast Bets

When looking through the race card of any horse race or for that matter greyhound race, you will often be convinced that one of the runners is going to win, and you can of course choose to back that runner to win or in an each-way bet.

However, what you can also do is to try and select another horse or greyhound running in the same race that will finish in second place to the horse or greyhound that you do think is going to win, and when doing so on a single betting slip that bet is known as a Straight Forecast bet.

By placing such a bet once the race had been run the greyhound track or the racecourse at which that race was run will then declare a win dividend that all winning Straight Forecast bets are paid out to and that dividend will be announced to a £1-unit stake.

You are not required to have to wager just £1 on such a bet, for if you choose to bet as little as just 10p then if your bet does win you get paid out at one tenth of the declared win dividend or ten times that dividend if you chose to bet £10 on your Straight Forecast bet

As for just how much the declared Straight Forecast dividend will be, that is going to be based solely on the win odds of the horse that won the race and the odds that were on offer on the second placed finishers when the race started, so the bigger their starting odds the bigger the dividend will be!

Boosted Straight Forecast Dividends

If you are unsure as to whether your two selection will finish in first and second place in the order you have selected, you can also place something known as a Reverse Forecast bet, which is simply a bet which requires two equal stakes to be placed on it, but it will cover your two selections to finish first or second in any order.

In fact, you are not only able to puck out two horses or greyhounds on such a bet, you can pick out any number of them and have them all fully covered in every possible way so that as long as two of them that are named on your combination straight forecast bet some in first and second place you will have them covered by a stake.

Take for example if you have chosen three horses, in total there are six possible permutations in three selections to have them covered to come in first and second in any order, so when picking that number of horses you will need to place six stakes in total on that bet to have them covered to win and come second is any possible order.

For some enhanced and boosted winning Straight Forecast pay-outs, make sure you place such bets at BetFred, for they always round up the declared dividend to the next full £ unit.