Greyhound Betting Guide

What I am sure you like about greyhound racing is that not only can you have a fantastic night out with your friends, betting, watches each race then having something to eat and drink at the track, but you could, with some luck, return home with more money in your pocket than you went out with!

Over the years there have been many different bets designed exclusively for greyhound racing, some of which are still around to this day and some of which are also now available on other sporting events too.

Below you will find a complete guide to betting on horses and I will let you know where you are likely to find the best odds, and which types of bets may just suit you the best or return the highest possible pay-out odds.

If you are passionate about betting and you want to turn your attention to and learn more about greyhound racing, then this guide should help you make sense of that betting environment. All featured sportsbooks by the way have some additional type of greyhound racing bonuses on offer, so they are some of the best sites to sign up to and bet at online!

Bet on Greyhound Racing Tournaments

Sadly, as you will know if you have a passion for greyhound racing, the number of stadiums has been dropping in number over the last decade, and as such that has also seen the number of tournaments and major race meetings dwindling in number too.

However, there are always going to be tournaments running at the last remain greyhound tracks, and there are always going to be bookmakers willing to lay you odds on any dog you fancy winning any tournament or each race in those tournaments too.

But I would urge caution going with the flow so to speak and betting just before the off on any races or betting just before a tournament begins, for if you do fancy a runner and think it is going to win then bet well in advance of the first race of a greyhound race tournament starting.

The ante post betting markets are going to offer you odds on every dog running in each tournament, and before they start you will get much better odds with there still being every single dog named and available on those betting markets, which won’t be the case when dogs start getting knocked out of them!

Unique Greyhound Racing Bet Types

You can bet with betting sites, in a bookmaker’s shop or down by the track side and even bet on your mobile phone at a greyhound track these days.

However, I would urge you against betting with the Tote or the replacement for the Tote that some racecourse and tracks have now launched, as your money in put into a pool and the winning dividends are declared once the results are known but minus are range of running costs and fees!

One type of bet that can result in some large winning pay-outs other than the standard win type of bet is a Straight Forecast, placing such a bet will see you having to guess which greyhound will finish first and second.

Another bet that can and always does return some even higher odds and winning pay-outs is a Tricast bet, but when placing such a bet you must guess just which greyhounds will finish a race in first, second and in third place too!

Best Types of Greyhound Racing Betting Bonuses

There is of course one reason why you are going to want to have a bet on a greyhound race, and that will be to try and win as much as you can do.

However, with so many bet types available, what you need to try and do is to make sense of each bet type as that way you can then hunt around for the promotional offers and bonuses that will help to increase your winning chances or maximize the potential returns you could make if you dog or dogs win.

One bet that is famed for offering some much higher pay-outs is a Tricast bet, and when you set about placing such a bet you are tasked with picking three dogs form any race that you think will finish in first, second and third place.

You can bet any amount of a Tricast and after the race a Tricast dividend is declared to a 1.00 unit stake, so If you bet 5.00 on your chosen dogs in a Tricast you are paid out at five times the declared dividend.

The best type of bonus offers to look out for when placing such a bet are ones that boost the value of the declared Tricast dividend to the next round amount so a 29.04 dividend for example will be rounded up to 33.00

Bet on Greyhound Racing on an App

You are never going to miss out on placing a greyhound racing related bet if you download install and then make use of any of the betting apps each of our featured betting sites have on offer to their customers.

However, try and ensure you also take your phone with you if you do go greyhound racing, for there could come a time when one of those apps will be offering you much higher odds than you will find available on the trackside bookies betting markets!

It doesn’t matter where you are or when you want to bet on a greyhound race, if you have a signal and some battery life on your mobile then you can place such a bet in a couple of taps of your mobile phones screen.

You are never going to be forced to have to wager high amounts when betting on an app either, so if you only want to bet for low stakes then that is something you can do, and you will also find more than enough bet types are available on a betting app to keep you very busy!