Get the Best Odds on this Weekends UK Football Matches

It will not have escaped your notice, that this weekend sees the return of football in the UK, having taken their summer break and with a handful of players having been part of the England squad over in Russia in the FIFA World Cup tournament, you may be good and ready to start planning your betting activities on this weekend’s football betting exploits.

If that is the case then you are going to be spoilt for choice as is always the case you can bet on all manner of unique outcomes in any football match, but when it comes to picking out teams simply to win a match or draw, then you should be looking over the long list as it is known at Betfred.

The Betfred Long List is simply a list of all of the football matches that are being played on any given day of the week, but with an emphasis on the matches being played on a Saturday, and the odds you will find on each of those matches will be appealing, in fact many of them have been boosted in value by BetFred.

So with that in mind below I will be giving you some pointers on which teams may be worth backing at those boosted odds, but will also let you know what the odds are on the draw and the underdog in those matches too.

Matches in Which the Favourites Look a Rock-Solid Bet

I think that the home team have an excellent chance of getting the season off to a flying and winning start regarding the Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers match, for Ipswich are currently on offer at odds of 8/5 and that has to be one of the value bets of the weekend over at the Betfred betting site for sure!

Another match that I do think is going to go the way of the favourite but at some much more appealing odds than that of the match above is in the Preston North End v Queens Park Rangers, it is the home team that I fancy the chances off in that match and I for one will be mopping up their win odds of 21/20!

Never underestimate the chances of Sunderland when they are playing at home, especially right at the start of the football season, and with that in mind as Sunderland are taking on Charlton Athletic this weekend, and their win odds in that match at Betfred are 21/20, that is another match in which you should be backing the home team!

With the obvious large number of football matches that will be kicking off this weekend you could overlook matches such as the Millwall v Middlesbrough match, whilst both teams are available at almost identical odds to win that match, I think that Middlesbrough do have a slightly better chance of winning it, even though they are playing away, and their win odds are for reference currently 8/5 to win that match!

Matches That Could Go Either Way!

There is something of an art form to betting on football matches, much more so if you want to ensure that you are going to receive some much higher winning pay-outs on the teams you have backed and then they go on to win.

Whilst you are always going to find some teams have the very best chances of winning, the odds associated with those teams can be so low that you are going to have to bet large amounts of cash to get a decent sized winning pay-out.

However, this weekend there are a number of football matches that have some fair and well balanced odds associated with each team, and with that in mind let me introduce you so some of those matches and each teams respective win odds.

For example, in the Wigan Athletic v Sheffield Wednesday match you can secures odds right now of 11/8on the home team, 11/5 on the draw and also win odds of21/10 on the away team win.

The Shrewsbury Town v Bradford City match is another one that may be of interest to you as the home team are currently 11/8 you can bag odds of 5/2 on the draw and the away teams odds are 15/8.

Also in the Southend United v Doncaster Rovers match you can currently secure some value odds of 13/10 on a  home team win, 5/2 is on offer on the draw and the away teams odds are very appealing too as they are 19/10!

Other Matches worth Betting On This Weekend

The Bristol City v Nottingham Forest match that will be kicking off this Saturday is an interesting one from a betting point of view, for both teams have a good chance of winning it and that is reflected in their win odds which are 8/5 on a home team win, 11/5 on the draw and you can also get odds at Betfred of 9/5 on the away team winning too.

It does look like the home team are going to run away with the match when Brentford v Rotherham United take to the pitch this weekend, and their win odds are 9/20 the draw is on offer quite readily at several betting sites at 7/2, but if you do fancy the chances of the away team their odds are high and value packed at 11/2!

As for the Birmingham City v Norwich City however, that is certainly a match that could go either way or in fact could end in a draw, if you do fancy taking your chances on this match the best odds I have so far found are 29/20 on Birmingham City winning, 11/5 on the draw and you can also bag and secure fairly decent odds of 19/10 on Norwich Coty winning too!

One bet that is likely to pay off is a home team win in the West Bromwich Albion v Bolton Wanderers match, whilst you won’t get rich betting on them to do so unless you bet big seeing as their win odds are just  9/20 they should could out on top in that match!