Get the Best Odds on This Weekends Premier League Matches

This weekend you are going to have plenty of football betting opportunities available to you, much more so thanks to the return of Premier League football, which has been taking a week’s break due to international commitments by many players.

To help you ensure that you are going to be getting the maximum winning payout on any Premier League matches you bet on this weekend the 24th and the 24th of November, below are the current set of odds on offer at MintBet who have enhanced and boosted many of those match odds by the way as you will find out below.

One match that is certainly easy to try and predict the most likely outcome off that is kicking off this coming weekend is the match between Everton and Cardiff, a quick look at the betting odds which are 4/9 on the home team winning, 10/3 the draw and 7/1 on an away team win will give you a very clear insight into what the MintBet odds compilers are convinced will be the outcome of that Premier League match!

Brighton v Leicester

The Brighton v Leicester match is attracting a lot of money on the betting markets currently, however it is very fair to say the money is spread around all betting opportunities and outcomes of that match.

Therefore that does mean the odds are decent on the home team which, which for reference is on offer at odds of 2/1, you can back the draw at 21/10 and as for just what odds the odds compilers at MintBet think Leicester are worth, well they have them chalked up at odds of 6/4, which is a good set of odds in my opinion.

The Fulham v Southampton match is a well balanced one which 8/5 being offered on eh home team. 9/4 on the draw and odds of 9/5 up for grabs on the away team too.

There is not much value to be had betting on Man Utd to win their match this coming weekend against Crystal Palace as United are the red-hot favourites to do so and the very best odds that you can get on them winning that match at MintBet are 4/11, the draw odds could tempt some of you to place a bet being as they are 7/2, and as for Place to win, that isn’t likely at their current win odds of 7/1!

As for who is going to win the Watford v Liverpool match, I will let the odds on the MintBet betting platform do the talking for me, for those odds are 5/1 on a Watford win, 16/5 on the draw and they have Liverpool up for grabs at odds of 8/15!

In the Bournemouth v Arsenal match it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they home team did win that match, or if the matches ended in a draw, and the odds on both of those two outcomes are 13/5 and 11/4 respectively, however the away team that being Arsenal can be backed right now at odds of even money!