German Grand Prix Betting

There is just over a week to go until the German Grand Prix will be starting at the Hockenheimring circuit, and there are a number of bets and wagers you can place on that race, and I will be giving you an insight into them in today’s news story.

All the usual suspects are of course taking part in this race, and that does of course mean that the two favourites to win it are L. Hamilton whose odds are 6/4 and S. Vettel who is currently available at sites such as Betfred at odds of 13/8 to win.

If you think that it will be the turn of one of the other drivers to finally come out on top in this race then you should be looking at the Mercedes driver that being  V. Bottas as a potential winner for he is currently the third favourite and you can get odds of 15/2 on him winning.

Both the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen and the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen are easy to back at 9/1 and the only other driver that has a realistic chance of winning if any of those already mentioned doesn’t is D. Ricciardo who is 10/1. All other drivers win odds range from 400/1 up to 1000/1!

How to Watch the German Grand Prix on TV

You will be able to watch the German Grand Prix on the Sky Sports F1 channel, and it is also being shown live on NOW TV too, but as usual Channel 4 will be showing the highlights of that race also.

As all of our featured betting sites are also going to be offering you odds on that race, you should actively compare the odds available, as there is a chance the odds you will be offered can and will vary from betting site to betting site, so make sure that is something you do!

Winning Team Odds

Instead of selecting an individual driver to win the German Grand Prix this year you can instead opt to pick out the team that the winner will be a driver for, and that will give you a much lower risk bet but one that does of course come with slightly lower odds than when you do set about naming the driver you think will win that race.

You may be convinced that the Mercedes team will be the one that comes out on top, and if so Betfred for example are offering odds of even money on them doing so, and the second favourite team to win is Ferrari at 11/10, and to be fair it would appear the winner of this race will be a driver for either of those two teams.

It may be the Red Bull team you think will win and their odds are 9/2, however all other teams can be bet on at some gigantic odds such as 400/1 on the likes of McLaren, Force India and Renault, but the Williams team are available at odds of a whopping 1000/1!