Futures Betting on the Formula One Drivers Championship

It does of course take lots of skill and abilities to be crowned the Formula One Drivers Champion at the end of any season, and with there only being winner of that award each year, there is a lot of competition to be the driver that does take it home with them too.

Having said that though there are always going to be some drivers that have the very best possible chance of winning that title and right now the firm favourite over at the Novibet betting site is Lewis Hamilton and as far as the odds you are going to get go, well he is on offer at win odds of 7/10

You will never know in advance on any upcoming F1 racing season whether the favourite to win the title of the most successful driver in that sport is actually going to live up to his hype and his form  eh may have shown in previous seasons.

So there is a case to be made from drivers such as Sebastian Vettel at 7/2 and there will always be the chance the very talented and skilful drivers such as Max Verstappen could be the title winner in this sport next years and I certainly wouldn’t put you off petting on him at his current high odds of 9/2!

Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas

If you are of the mind though that it is going to be one of the much more unexpected drivers that will win the title in the coming 2019 season then you do have a plethora of them to pick and chose from with some much bigger odds readily available right now on all of them.

Two drivers that do spring to mind and if everything does go their way in the upcoming Formula One season could win race after race, and those two drivers are of course Charles Leclerc whose win odds right now are 10/1 and also Valtteri Bottas who can be backed at even higher and much more appealing odds of 14/1.

Pierre Gasly is an outsider at odds of 30/1 but there are plenty of other drivers who are even lesser fancied than him including the likes of Daniel Ricciardo at 65/1, Nico Hulkenberg at 150/1 and both Carlos Jr. Sainz at 200/1 and Robert Kubica at 250/1.

Unless you are very brave or know something that I don’t know you are probably going to be best odd no bothering placing a bet on drivers such as Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen or Kimi Raikkonen as their 300/1 odds do give you an idea of what there realistic chances of winning the drivers championship title are next year!

Lando Norris and Lance Stroll at 500/1 are a couple of other drivers you should avoid backing and the same can also be said for Antonio Giovinazzi who odds are gigantic at 750/1 as too are the odds on the likes of Daniil Kvyat, Alexander Albon and George Russell who are all available at 1000/1!