French Grand Prix Betting

I know that many of you out there will be interested in betting on this year’s French Grand Prix, and with that in mind what I am going to be doing today is showcasing to you three of the most popular betting markets on offer on that F1 race.

Starting with the outright winner betting markets, the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton is currently the 13/8 joint favourite to win that race along with the Ferrari driver S. Vettel.

However, every other driver does have a chance of winning of course and often it can pay big dividends for you to consider betting on one of the other drivers, and if that is something you are prepared to do then consider betting on the likes of the Mercedes driver V. Bottas at 7/1, or the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen at 8/1 or the other Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo at 10/1.

The only other driver that has any realistic chance of winning is the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen at 12/1, as all other drivers have odds attached to them of at least 400/1!

Race Winner Best Team Odds

There is another type of bet that you can place on the French Grand Prix this year and that is for you to select the team that you think is going to win that race rather than pick out the individual drivers.

If that is something that does interest you then allow me to pass onto you the odds of the teams that are in with the very best chances  of winning, you can bet on Mercedes at 10/11, Ferrari at 11/10 and Red Bull at 7/2.

The other teams do have huge odds associated with them winning and they include the likes of Renault at 200/1, McLaren and India at 400/1, Haas at 500/1, Sauber and Toro Rosso at 750/1 and also Williams at 1000/1!

Fastest Lap

One final betting market that is always worth checking out at least, is the one on which you have to select the driver that you think is going to drive the fastest lap during a Grand Prix and those that have a very good chance of doing that this Sunday include the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen at 3/1 the Ferrari driver S. Vettel at 3/1 and also the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo at 3/1.

The Mercedes drivers those being V. Bottas and L. Hamilton could do so and their odds are both 10/3, but the Ferrari driver K .Raikkonen at 13/2 does look like the value bet on this betting market.

With huge odds of 100/1 associated with the McLaren driver F. Alonso the Renault driver N. Hulkenberg at and the Renault driver C. Sainz achieving the fastest lap if you do fancy a huge winning payout then consider betting on any of them!

As far as the chances of a Force India driver achieving the fastest lap in this event then both S. Perez and E. Ocon are available and can be bet on at some high and very tempting odds of 200/1, but those odds do reflect their chances of doing so, so keep that in mind if you do fancy placing this type of bet!