France vs Belgium Semi Final Betting

Odds compilers are having what can best be described as a difficult time trying to make sense of the FIFA World Cup Semi Final match that sees France up against Belgium, however all betting sites are now offering odds on each team winning.

You will have no doubt been impressed by the performance of both France and Belgium in this tournament, but have also probably made up your own mind as to the team you think is going to come out on top in that match.

As far as the 90 minute betting markets go you can get odds of 6/4 on France winning at sites such as Betfred, and they are also going 21/10 on Belgium coming out on top, and the odds for those of you convinced that will be the result after normal time will be a draw are 9/4 too.

But as far as value goes you can also lay either team to lose or lay bets on the draw too if you make use of the betting exchange over at Betfair, so you can bet on every possible outcome to win or lose if you sign up to Betfair!

Current World Cup Outright Winner Betting

Now would also be a good time to finally place a bet on the team you think is going to win the World Cup this year, for as soon as the results are known on the two Semi Final matches the outright winner betting market will be reduced to just two teams as opposed to four teams.

For those of you who do fancy placing a bet on the team you are convinced is going to win the World Cup the best odds currently available are France at 2/1, England at 5/2 and you can get 11/4 on Belgium winning and Croatia are 4/1!

Updated To Goal Scorer Betting

It is hard to look any further than Harry Kane as the player that will be the top goal scorer in this year’s World Cup, for he is the one player looking likely to take that honour and his current odds of doing so are tiny at just 1/7!

There will of course need to be plenty of goals hitting the back of the net booted in by Romelu Lukaku if he is to take the top goal scorer award this year but there is a possibility that he may just do so and his odds of doing just that are 8/1.

You will be able to secure some much higher and much more appealing odds any of the other players whose teams are still in the World Cup such as 16/1 on Antoine Griezmann, 20/1 on Kylian Mbappe, and even 250/1 on Ivan Perisic.

But as mentioned it does look like a certainty that Harry Kane is going to be this year’s top goal scorer, but sadly his odds are rather restrictive and you will have to place a lot of money on him to get a decent sized winning payout!