Football Transfer Betting Opportunities

As there is a lot of interest currently surrounding players that may be about to transfer to other football clubs, and whilst many of those potential transfer rumours may be true or not, one betting site that has opened its own unique range of football transfer betting opportunities is 10Bet.

Therefore, what I am going to be doing today is to give you an insight into the odds they are offering a very wide and very varied range of transfer betting opportunities, and as you are about to find out, there are some very tempting odds available, if you do fancy placing such a bet!

Will Anthony Martial Stay at Manchester United?

The first football transfer betting opportunity that may be of interest to you is surrounding the current Manchester United player Anthony Martial. Rumour has it that he may just be about to transfer to another club, and as such let me rattle through the possible clubs he could transfer too and the odds available if you think he will transfer to any of those clubs!

But first, if you think Martial is going to stay at Manchester United then you can bet on just that and that does like it will be the case for 10Bet are offering odds of just  1/5 on him staying there!

However, there may just be the chance that he is about to transfer over to Chelsea and if he does and you have bet on him doing so you will be rewarded with odds of 7/2!

Tottenham is another club that may just be eager to sign up Anthony Martial, and the odds available on him moving to that London club are 7/1.

But if you think he is likely to transfer overseas then you can bet on him being transferred to Juventus at 10/1, Bayern Munich at 16/1, Paris St-Germain at 20/1 and even bet on him moving to Spanish clubs such as Athletic Madrid at odds of 22/1, Barcelona at 22/1 or even Real Madrid at even bigger odds of 28/1!

Two other clubs that many just have an interest in signing him up include AC Milan at 33/1 and possibly Inter Milan too and the odd on him moving there are huge at33/1!

Is Sergio Aguero Staying at Manchester City?

I seriously doubt that any avid Manchester City fan is going to want to lose Sergio Aguero from their favourite football team, however if you are of the mind that he isn’t going anywhere this season and will remain on the team then you can back such an outcome at odds of 2/15, and all things consider that is a very fair bet form 10Bet!

Bit with rumours abound that he may just be transferring to another club, then there are a few possible clubs that could be interested in him and do of course have the financial resources to be able to afford him too!

If you think that he is going to up sticks so to speak and move to Atletico Madrid then the odds available on him doing so are 11/2, both the two Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona would possibly be interested in signing him up and the odds of him moving two either of those two clubs are 10/1 and 22/1 respectively.

However, if you think an English football club are going to be signing him up, then you can get 281 on him moving to Chelsea and 33/1 on him moving to Arsenal!

Are Real Madrid Going to Sign Up David De Gea?

You may have come across the rumour that Real Madrid are very eager to sign up the Manchester United player David De Gea and are close to putting in a solid offer for him too.

However, I doubt that Manchester United are going to want to get rid of such a star player, and that is something that the odds compilers are 10Bet Sportsbook also think, for they are offering tiny odds of 1/15 that he will remain with Manchester United and odds of 5/1 that he will be moving to Real Madrid during the transfer window!

What’s Happening with Eden Hazard?

It is no secret that many clubs are very eager to sign up Eden Hazard before the transfer window this summer closes, and Real Madrid are currently the 2.5 favourite football team to sign him up however if you think that he isn’t going anywhere and will reaming at Chelsea the odds on him staying there are 6/5.

Paris St-Germain will of course be sniffing about and their odds on securing him are 11/1, some other teams that may be in with a chance, albeit a small one of securing him before the summer transfer window closes include Barcelona at 20/1, Man Utd at 28/1 or even Man City at 33/1!

Where Could Gareth Bale End Up?

You do have to take some of the rumours surrounding some players being transferred to other clubs with a pinch of salt, for such rumours can spread like wildfire and there is often no substance in them!

Take for example the highly talented Gareth Bale, now I cannot imagine for one minute any other team will have the opportunity of being able to offer enough money for Real Madrid to let him go, and the 1/4 odds being offered on him staying at Real Madrid are worth taking even though they are fairly low at just 1/4!

There  is however the small chance another football club could offer enough money and one that may just do so is Man Utd at 3/1, some pundits are also of the mind that he could be moving to Tottenham and the odds on him doing so are 5/1.

As for where else that Gareth Able could be transferred too clubs such as Chelsea are on offer at 10/1 and Paris St-Germain are chalked up at odds of 16/1 and you can get odds currently of 18/1, 20/1 and 25/1 respectively on him moving to Bayern Munchen, Man City or Liverpool25/1