Football Coupon Betting Guide

I have finally got around to putting together and compiling the following football coupon betting guide, for I am more than aware not everyone will have discovered this fun, exciting and at times very profitable way of betting on football matches, no matter in which country those football matches are being played.

A coupon bet is one that, as the name suggests is based around a coupon, not to be confused with a money off coupon, and it is a betting slip on which you are faced with perming together in one single type of bet several different football teams.

What the aim of this type of bet is, is for you to predict as many outcomes on as many different football matches as you possibly can do, for as the winnings roll over from one bet to the only in the sequence, if you do get every outcome you predicted being the right ones, even a tiny stake can be turned into a mega sized winning pay-out.

To ensure that if you do ever win big when betting on football coupons, I would advise you to stick to betting at any of the betting sites that we have approved and listed on this website. In fact, by signing up to any of them right now you are going to find some not to be missed, and well worth claiming welcome sign up bonuses, many of which can be used on football related bets and wagers!

Both Teams to Score Coupon

How hard do you think it is to predict to whether both teams playing in any one single match will score a goal? Well, if you think that is easy to predict then make sure you start to make use of the both teams to score football betting coupons that most of our featured betting sites have on offer to their customers.

You can predict whether there will indeed by a goal scored by each team in as many different matches you like on this coupon bottom but if you think that one or both teams will not score a goal then there will be odds on that outcome too.

So, in effect you have a 50 – 50 chance of guessing the correct outcome on each match you bet on. However, this type of bet is settled as an accumulator, so depending on just how many teams you bet on the odds you accept on the yes or no outcome and the stake you have wagered, you could be in for a very large pay-out if all your predictions turn out to be correct.

There will always be a maximum pay-out limit on this type of bet, however that will often be in the region of a quarter or half a million Pounds, but always keep that in mind when choosing a stake and the number of teams to bet on, as any winnings over the maximum win limit will not be paid out!

Long List Football Betting Coupons

A long list football betting coupon is one of the easiest coupon bets to make sense of, and when you choose to bet on one you get to pick whether the outcome of any number of football matches is going to result in a home or away team win or whether the match will end in a draw.

As there are three possible outcomes on each match on this type of bet as opposed to just two possible outcomes on the one above and below this bet on this guide, that does of course mean there can be some much better odds being offered to you on the three possible outcomes.

You are often going to be forced and required to pick out a minimum of three teams to bet on when placing this type of bet but you are free top pick any number above three, and the best is going to be settled as a win accumulator.

So, the stake you initially place on this bet get placed on the first bet in your list and those winnings and the stake then roll over onto each other match, get one outcome wrong though and this bet is a losing one.

I do think most punters will enjoy the long list football coupon bet as it will give them an interest in serval matches and could reward then with a large winning pay-out if everything falls into place in each of your chosen matches!

Under/Over 2.5 Goals Betting Coupons

One final football betting coupon that can pay-out some mega amounts of cash if you do manage to guess the correct outcome on several different football matches is an under or over 2.5 goals betting coupon.

There is nothing weird and wonderful or in any way compilated about this type of bet, for you are tasked with deciding whether each match you put on your bet is going to end with more than 2.5 goals being scored or fewer than 2.5 goals being scored.

Alongside the names of both football teams placing in each match will be a yes or no set of odds, and you must select which outcome and therefore which set of odds you wish to accept on any many of those listed matches as you like.

This bet is going to be settled as a win accumulator much like both coupons mentioned up above, so there is a requirement for you to get every single outcome correctly predicted if you are going to pick up any winnings.

Most punters will choose to place a wager on all three of the above-named football coupons each week and they are all fun best to place and can add another dimension to your football viewing pleasure,

Whilst you may not win every week, when a big win comes along it makes placing a bet each week much more appealing, and you could win big any week, so check out any of our featured betting sites for an overview of their football coupon betting opportunities!