Football Betting Guide

Football is one of the most watched sports, and it is very true to say that at any time of the day or night, there is probably a football match being played somewhere in the world, and thanks to the internet you can now place a bet on any match you want to.

Thousands of betting sites and mobile betting apps are accessible to you also, and part and parcel of being a successful punter in knowing when the right time to place a bet is and just what type of bet is the best one to place.

If you are new to the online or mobile football betting environments and want to learn more about the plethora of different betting opportunities that are available to you, then the following guide below is going to open your eyes to the types and wagers you can place.

However, never be in a rush to place a football bet, for way too many people make the mistake of simply signing up to the very first betting site they do come across, and by doing so they may be placing bets and wagers at a betting site that isn’t offering the very highest of odds!

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Multiple Different Football Bet Types

Next, I am going to be introducing you to some of the ever-growing number of different football related bets you can place at all online and mobile betting sites, some of which you will find may be of interest to you and may be ones that you do wish to place!

Do you think you can correctly guess the number of penalties or corners that are going to be awarded in any football match? If so, then there are plenty of betting sites that are going to be offering you on if you want to place such a bet online!

There are of course some short-term bets and long-term bets you can place on football teams, and when there is a major tournament about to kick off or before the football season starts, you are always going to be able to bet on the team you think will win the tournament or league.

Just keep in mind though, that the earlier you place such bets the more likely you are of getting the best odds available on the teams that do go on to win a major football tournament or end up topping the league, so place such bets well in advance of the tournament and season kicking off is my advice!

One type of bet that is going to be a rather tricky one to get predict but can pay you some huge valued winning pay-out if you do win is the first or last goal scorer bets. Those bets as their names suggest will require you to name the player in any match that will score either the first goal or score the last goal.

There will be times when you get a feeling that you know what the final score of a soccer match will be by weighing up the form of each team, and when you get such a feeling consider placing a correct score type of bet on which by predicting the final score some large odds will be on offer to you dependent on the soccer you pick of course!

In Play, Early Price Betting Markets and Betting Exchanges

One of the ways you are often going to secure some of the highest odds when betting on football matches is to place your best well in advance of a match kicking off, and that is always going to be the case when you bet in advance on any up and coming football tournaments.

Both online betting sites and mobile betting apps will offer such advance betting markets but always compare the odds that are on offer, for different betting sites will have their own views on just which teams are going to win any major football tournaments!

Betting apps are also proving to be just as popular as online betting platforms, and you will also be able to bet in-play when using most of them, that means that when a football match begins and has kicked off you are still going to be allowed to place all manner of different bets on those matches!

I would also urge you to consider signing up to one of the many betting exchange that are now available to sports bettors, for when you do so you have the option to bet on the outcome of any football match, you will also be able to take bets off other punters by offering them odds on any outcome on any soccer match you like!

Where to Place Football Bets

It shouldn’t prove too time consuming or troublesome finding a betting site at which to place your football bets at, however what you will need to ensure is that the betting sites or apps you choose to make use of are run and operated to the very highest of industry standards.

It is one thing placing your bets and getting what you feel are fair and generous betting odds, however knowing that you are going to get paid out all your winnings without any fuss or hassle and without any hoops to jump through can be another matter altogether.

As you peruse around this website you are going to find displayed a range of different betting sites and betting apps, and I would like to point out that each of them has been hand-picked by our team and they are all run and operated to the very highest of standards.

Each betting site and app we will showcase to you is fully licensed and regulated and they offer plenty of deposit options too, however no matter which one you choose you are going to always get paid out all winnings in the fastest possible time frames, so they are the betting sites and apps we suggest you sign up to and make use of.