Fiji International, New York Lottery and Community Shield Betting

Each day of the week I like to introduce and showcase to you a range of betting opportunities that are not to be miss out on, much more so due to the fact that some of our featured and top rated betting site will have increased the odds available on some of those daily betting opportunities.

With that in mind today I want to concentrate on giving you an insight in what you may be best betting on today if you want to take advantage of some enhanced odds and some potentially high paying unique betting opportunities too.

The sporting and betting events that I do think are at the very least worth checking out today include the Fiji International Golf Tournament, in which you are going to find a huge number of golfers taking part, which does mean you are going to get offered some very generous odds on each of those golfers.

Also, as the New York Lottery will be being drawn tomorrow, I want to also give you an insight into the odds currently available when betting on that lottery draw, including the odds available if you decide to include the bonus ball or without it on your bet.

I will also be taking a look at the Community Shield match that will be kicking off on the 5th of August too, for I have come across some betting sites that are offering overly generous odds on all possible outcomes of that match that you do need to be fully aware of!

Fiji International

The numbers of Golf tournaments that are taking place during the summer months are almost endless, and if you have been betting on your favourite golfers recently and want to possibly have another chance of them doing so, in the hope they win a major golf tournament, then the Fiji International Golf Tournament will soon be upon us.

You should have no problems finding a betting site offering you odds on each of the golfers that are taking part in that tournament including, but certainly not limited to Ladbrokes, William Hill and also Coral.

However, whilst you can of course back any golfer to win the Fiji Open Golf Tournament outright, if you would prefer to put your cash on a place bet or an each-way bet then shop around.

For example I am award several of our featured betting site are offering one quarter of the win odds on each-way bet place bets and will be paying out to four places too, which is impressive as plenty of betting site are only paying out to three places on the place part of an each-way bet.

Having spent some time studying the betting markets of each of our featured betting sites this morning there are some golfers that are attracting a lot of support and for reference they are Ben Campbell at 13/8, Andrew Dodt at 17/2 and also Gaganjeet Bhullar 9/1, and many of the rank outsiders are on offer at huge odds of 1000/1 too!

New York Lottery Betting

I would also suggest you take a look at the lottery betting opportunities available to you this coming weekend too, for if you do fancy changing your arm placing some relatively small amounts of cash on such a bet in the hope you will be lucky enough to turn them into a mega sized winning pay-out, there are more than enough ways you can try and do that.

However, it is the New York Lottery that does have some appealing betting opportunities available upon it, if you make the sis decision of betting at the Betfred betting site of when using their betting app, and with that in mind allow me to give you an insight into just what those betting opportunities are.

Firstly, please be aware that due to the time differences between the UK and New York you will have up to 01:00 on Sunday morning to place your New York lottery best at Betfred, and the draw itself will be taking place at 05:21 UK time.

As far as what you can bet on in that lottery at Betfred, you can pick from one to five numbers, and then opt whether to include the bonus ball or not.

The more number you select of course the more you stand to win and when betting you choose to include the bonus bal the odds you will get paid out by when picking one, two, three, four or five numbers are huge at 7/1m 70/1, 700/1, 10000/1 and 100000/1 respectively.

But by far and away the biggest pay-out odds you will be offered is when you do not include the bonus ball, and as such picking one number will see you being paid out at odds of 8/1 if that number is selected and when matching two, three, four or even five numbers the pay-out odds are 100/1, 1300/1, 25000/1 and 150000/1 respectively.

Community Shield Betting

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the most watched football matches this weekend by armchair fans of the sport will be the Community Shield match that will see Chelsea taking their chances against  Man City, and that match for reference is licking off at 15:00 this Sunday the 5th of August 2018.

You can of course bet on the half time full time result, the correct score and a plethora of other betting opportunities too; however one bet that most punters will fancy placing is a good old fashioned outright winner bet.

Betfred are once again leading the way with the betting odds they are offering on that match, and as such you should head on over to their website if you do fancy placing such a bet.

By doing so if you think it will be Chelsea that will win their win odds are 5/2, you will also be able to secure odds of 5/2 on the draw too, however if you are of the mindset that Manchester City are going to win that match Betfred are currently going 21/20 on them doing so!