Fancy a Bet on the Polish International Badminton Tournament?

It could be a sport you rarely if ever watch, however Badminton is an ever popular sport that is shown on many TV channels across the globe. Right now however it is the annual Polish International tournament that is in play and there are loads of matches being played today!

Therefore if you have your betting head on, and do fancy betting on any of those matches it should be NetBet at which you are placing your bets and wagers today, for there are some standout players that do look like they are going to win today, and that betting site is offering some fairly decent odds on those fancied players too.

Take for example the Wolfgang Gnedt vs Miha Ivanic match, admittedly you are going to have to place you bets fairly sharpish if you want to bet on either player in that match as the match itself will be starting at 10:55, but I do feel that Wolfgang Gnedt has an outstanding chance of winning and the odds you can get on him doing so are 20/33 as opposed to the 23/20 odds attached to Miha Ivanic!

Another match starting at the same time which looks likely to go the way of the favourite is the Chia Hung Lu vs Krzysztof Jakowczuk match, the odds on Chia Hung Lu winning that match are just 2/55 but win that match he will!

Bodhit Joshi Should Easily Beat Iikka Heino

Moving onto another match that could be worth betting on in the Polish International badminton tournament today that is the Bodhit Joshi vs Iikka Heino match.

Having studied the form of both players I am of the mind the match can only possibly go one way and that is a decisive win for Bodhit Joshi whose odds are certainly appealing at NetBet being as they are 20/23, for reference the odds on Iikka Heino winning that match are 4/5!

Other Polish International Badminton Matches to Consider

At 11:30 today there is a match between Jan Louda and Dmytro Zavadsky, and out of all of the matches being played today in the Polish International this is a match that is a very well balanced one for sure and could go the way of either player.

That does however mean that you are going to be able to secure some fairly decent odds on either player, however I do think that n the balance of form it is going to be Jan Louda that will come out on top and the odds on that player are 10/11, but if you do fancy the chances of Dmytro Zavadsky you can get 4/5 over at NetBet.

The Chih Chieh Yang vs Rasmus Messerschmidt match is probabaly a match that is going to go the way of Chih Chieh Yang and a quick look at the betting odds on that match will show you why for that player is 20/67 to win as opposed to the odds of 43.20 you can secure currently on a Rasmus Messerschmidt win!