Enter the Free 4 to Score Competition at Betway

It is quite rare for a betting site to offer both old and new customers a free to enter football match predicting competition, so when I heard about the 4 to Score competition from Betway, I knew it would be of interest to many of you out there!

What you are going to be faced with doing is nothing too difficult or time consuming, for you are required to try and pick out four players playing in four different football matches that are going to bang into the back of the net the very first goal scored in each match.

Betway are going to pick the matches, so you won’t be able to pick out all manner of different matches to base your selections around, but to be fair to them they have been picking out a range of different matches each week, some of which could be fairly easy to predict the most likely first goal scorer in by the way!

There is nothing to pay to enter this competition, but as mentioned above you do need to be a registered customer of Betway, so if you are not then simply give one of our Betway links a click and not only will you be able to sign up in less than a minute or so, you can also bag a high valued welcome bonus offer too.

Big Money to Be Won!

What I do like about the way that Betway have structured their 4 to Score competition, is that they are giving away £25,000 per week, however as there is of course the chance no one does manage to guess the first four goal scorers in their chosen matches, in fact no goals could be scored in any of them, the prize money gets rolled over to the following week if no one wins it.

So, if no one wins the jackpot grows by an additional £25k on top of the £25k for the following week, and there is a good chance someone or more than one entrant will win the cash prize eventually, and if more than one entrant does win it then it will be shared equally amongst them.

Teams Chosen This Coming Week

This week’s four teams that Betway are challenging you to try and predict the very first goal scorers in each of them are the West Ham vs. Spurs and Wolves vs. Watford matches being played on Saturday, along with Sundays’ game between Everton and Palace and they have also included Monday nights match between Arsenal and Leicester too.

There are a handful of terms and conditions that you will have to agree to and abide by, and you can view them and check them out by getting yourself over to the Betway betting site and clicking on their 4 to Score link on that site.

There have already been several winners of this competition, which does prove it isn’t going to be as difficult as you may have thought trying to predict those four first goal scorers!