Enhanced Betting Odds on the Belgian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are currently all chalked up as the current red-hot favourites to win the Belgian Grand Prix, and looking at the past and most recent form of both of those two drivers it is very fair to say either of them have the best chances of winning this year.

However, when you look at their current odds at a range of different betting sites, you are not going to notice those odds are rather low and unappealing, but over at the Bruce Betting site you can currently secure odds of 13/10 on either driver to win this race.

In fact, what you should be doing if you are not a customer of Bruce Betting but do fancy making use of those slightly higher Belgian Grand Prix betting odds is register as one of their new customers sooner rather than later.

As by doing so you will also have a one year long set of free matched bets offered to you each week, and as such those free matched bets will give you much better betting value, when compared to you simply placing a bet on either driver at a betting site you are already a customer of!

Kimi Raikkonen In With a Chance of Winning

As for which of the other drivers that could battle hard and manage to win the Belgian Grand Prix, well if any of the two drivers named above do fail to win it is going to be Kimi Raikkonen at 6/1 that could come up trumps and win!

However, not far behind him in fourth place on the betting markets is Valtteri Bottas at 8/1 and I certainly would not put you off betting on him if you think his day is about to come, as those odds are generous for sure!

Get Up to 1000/1 on the Other Drivers

So confident are the odds compilers that one of the drivers I have so far named is going to win the Belgian Grand Prix they have pushed the boat out so to speak on the remaining drivers taking part in that race, and have some huge and very attractive odds attached to each of them too.

Take for example the likes of Max Verstappen at 14/1 and Daniel Ricciardo at 16/1 they are certainly not without their respective chances of winning, however both of those two drivers will of course need everything to fall into place if they are to win.

As for odds that may be way too high to ignore, if you are prepared to take a few chances you can back Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean at 750/1 or even bet on Carlos Sainz Junior and Nico Hulkenberg at 1000/1 too!

There are of course going to be some huge risks when you do back any of the outsiders to win the Belgian Grand Prix with bigger odds that 8/1, however you can of course choose to back them each-way and if you do Bruce Betting are going one third the odds on the first and second placed finishers.