English League 2 2018-2019 Outright Betting Markets

I know what you are probably thinking, it is way too early in the season to try and make a guess and prediction as to just which team is going to win the English Football League 2 this season, however the sooner you do consider trying to make a well informed guess the better the odds you will secure on your chosen team.

That is of course if the team you do predict starts to play football at its very best and does manage to win match after match, and let’s face is that is what a handful of teams in League 2 are bound to do in the coming weeks and months!

As far as just which betting sites you should be placing an outright winner on League 2, there is a lot to be said about the early betting markets currently live and available at Betfred, for they are both the MK Dons and Lincoln chalked up as the current favourites to win that league this season at odds of 9/2.

The next team that Betfred do appear to be wary of are Notts County and if you think this season is going to be there season then if you act quickly you can bag odds of 15/2 on them being crowned champion of League 2.

One other team that I would certainly not overlook us of course Mansfield and they are certainly in with an excellent chance of winning League 2 this year at their current value odds of 9/1!

First Three League Positions Each-Way Betting

Some of the very best betting value on the league winner betting markets often comes from placing an each-way bet very early at the start of the season, for most bookies will have made their mind up at that early stage just which teams they think will win and will be offering each-way betting opportunities on every single team in any league too.

Most betting sites do tend to offer a similar type of each-way betting market in as much as they will pay you one quarter of the outright winner betting odds if you team is placed first second or third in the league, on the place part of such a bet.

As those each-way terms are fairly reasonable that does mean you may fancy placing such a bet on teams such as Exeter at 14/1 or Northampton and Bury who are on offer at odds of 16/1.

Fans of teams like Swindon and Colchester can also secure odds of 16/1 which should at the very least return a decent sized pay-out if either of those teams are backed each-way and only manage to finish in second of third place but will return a hefty pay-out if either of those two teams go on to win the league of course!

As you can also back Tranmere currently at some very reasonable odds of 20/1, it may be worth backing hem eacy0way too but only if you do think they have a chance of finishing in the top three positions, which to be fair they do!

Total Outsiders

As long as you keep the fact that any football team in this league could suddenly find their form and go on to get placed or win it in the back of your mind, then that does mean there are still plenty of additional betting opportunities that you may be interested in making use of.

Much more so if you are looking to back some of the very highest possible odds at the very easy stage of the season. If one of the outsiders that I am going to list before does start to win their new few matches, you can bet your bottom dollar the odds available from sites like BetFred for example, are going to drop and drop rather quickly too!

So let me now rattle through each of the other available betting opportunities currently available on this betting market to allow you to decide if any of the following teams and their respective odds are tempting enough or you to make use of!

There are two teams currently chalked up at odds of 25/1 and they are Cambridge and Port Vale, for a tad more valued however do consider placing a small nominal bet on teams such as Crewe, Oldham, Stevenage, Forest Green and Carlisle if you fancy ay of those teams chances, for they are all easy to back currently at some value odds of 33/1!

As for the chances of teams such as Newport and Grimsby well they are both chalked up at odds of 40/1, and to be fair those odds do give you without a shadow of a doubt a true indication of what their chances are of winning his league this season, which sadly are quite low!

Crawley may be tempting to some fans at 50/1, however if your loyalties lay with teams such as Cheltenham or even Yeovil then you will surely be tempted to place either an outright winner bet or much more likely an each-way bet on them for they are both 80/1 which are fair valued set of odds it does have to be said!

Now, what have I got to say about Macclesfield, well it is going to be something of a shock, surprise and possibly a miracle if they do have what it takes to win the league this year, so much so most bookies are offering high odds of 125/1 on them doing so, due to their being very little chance those bookies will have to pay anything out on them winning this league, as they are convinced they won’t.

However, there is of course one more football team in the English League 2 that I haven’t yet mentioned and that is the complete rank outsider, that team is of course as you have probably already worked out Morecambe and if you want to back them and keep the faith in that team then BetFred will be more than happy to offer you odds currently of 150/1!