English Championship Matches for the 6th of October

You are faced with the usual plethora of football matches that you can bet on either individual are as part of a multiple accumulator type to bet this coming Saturday, and with that in mind below I am going to be giving you a few pointers at to just which teams you may fancy backing.

The odds I will be quoting are some of the highest ones that you are likely to come across by the way and they are all currently available at the Bruce Betting site.

Let me start with the Leeds v Brentford match, looking at the current league positions of both teams this is a fairly well balanced match it does have to be said, and so are the odds for you can bag 13/10 on Leeds winning that match, you can take 5/2 on the draw and can also bet on a Brentford win, if you do think they are going win and their odds are 2/1.

Moving onto the Birmingham v Rotherham match, well it is Birmingham who are the favourites to win that match and their odds of doing so at Bruce Betting are fairly decent at 4/6, but for those of you who want to back the draw or Rotherham to win the odds on those two outcomes are 14/5 and 9/2 respectively.

Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest

There is one match that I am fairly confident that will form the basis for many doubles and trebles being placed on English Championship match bets this weekend and that is the match between Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest.

It will be Middlesbrough that most punters will have as their nap of the day and the odds available on them winning at Bruce Betting are 3/4, as for the draw odds well they are respectable it does have to be said at 5/2 and the odds on a Nottingham Forest win are 17/4.

Other English Championship Matches of Note this Saturday

If you fancy the chances of either Millwall or Aston Villa in their upcoming match this weekend then you can get odds of 15/8 on a Millwall win at the Brice Betting site and odds of 23/10 on the draw along with odds of 6/4 on an Aston Villa win too.

In the Norwich v Stoke match it is the home team that are chalked up as the favourites to win that match and win it they may just do, the match odds are 7/5 on Norwich, 23/10 on the draw and 2/1 on a Stoke win!

As for the odds on the Preston v Wigan match well they are 13/10 on a home team win, the draw is easy to back currently at odds of 12/5 and you can also back Wigan if you do fancy their chance of winning that match at odds of 21/10!

In the QPR v Derby match it is  QPR that are the current favourites at win odds of 17/10 as for the odds on the draw they are 9/4 and you can also back Derby if you so desire at odds of 7/4!