England vs India One Day International

It will be on Thursday the 12th of July 2018 that England will be taking on India in their One Day International, and when it comes to the likely winning of that match there isn’t much separating each time regarding both their abilities and their outright winner odds!

It is probably the volume of wagers rather than their form that has currently put England at the top of most betting sites betting markets on that match, and you will find odds of 4/5 are generally available on them winning it.

However, I wouldn’t put you off betting on India for they could quite easily beat England on Thursday and with odds of even money being offered by the majority of betting sites on an India win the bookies think that is a possibility too.

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Which Team Will Win the Toss?

It is of course a 50/50 chance that either team could win the toss, however for betting sites to lock in a profit on that betting market you will find the odds on England to win the toss are slightly lower than even money, and for reference their odds on winning the toss are 4/5.

Betfred are however offering the true odds on India winning the toss, so if you fancy placing a bet on which you will soon discover whether you have won or lost and you do think India will win the toss then it should be at Betfred you are placing such a bet!

First Ball of the Match Betting

One of the much more interesting betting markets is the first ball of the match betting market and with plenty of possibly betting opportunities on offer, and with some appealing odds then that may be the betting market you may wish to make use of

If you think that first ball of the match will be a Dot Ball you can get odds of 1/5 on it, however if the first ball results in 1 Run the odds are 6/1 and for  2, 3, 4 or 6 runs the odds are 20/1, 100/1, 14/1 and 100/s respectively.

You can also bet on that ball going wide at odds of 12/1 or it being a No Ball at odds of 33/1 but if you thing it will result in a Bye/Leg Bye or Wicket the odds are 20/1 and 25/1 respectively on both of those two outcomes.

One additional betting market you may fancy making use of is the Total Match Run Outs and the two types of bets are odds available at Under 1.5 at 2/5 and Over 1.5 at odds of 7/4. So think long and hard just which bets you do fancy placing!