England vs. Australia One Day International

You can tell its summer in the UK as the one day international cricket matches are beginning, and this week on the 13th of June it will be England that will be taking their chances against Australia, and as is always the case most betting sites have opened their betting markets on that match nice and early.

Today’s news story is going to be taking a look at the range of different betting opportunities that are going to become available to you, if you do fancy have a bet or two on that match, and it can often pay dividends for you to look at some of the other betting opportunities other than the outright winner of the match.

However, if that is the bet you fancy placing the most then the current best odds on England coming out on top and winning that match are 8/5, and the odds on Australia winning do appear to be generous are 6/4!

Series Correct Score Betting

The series correct score betting market will give you a long term interest in the one day internationals and there are plenty of different correct scores you can of course bet on, each of which has their own odds associated with them

Take for example for England to win 3-2, the odds on that outcome are 2/1 and for England to win 4-1 the odds are slightly higher in value at 9/4.

You may however fancy the chances of Australia winning the series 3-2 and if so you should mop up their current odds at 7/2. But for you avid England fans then you may just be tempted to bet on the correct score being England 5-0 with the current odds being 9/2.

There are two other bets that Australia fans could be tempted to place on the correct score betting markets and they are Australia to win 4-1 at odds of 10/1 and Australia to win 5-0 at some massive odds of 66/1!

Method of the first Dismissal Odds

One novelty type of bet that will give you an interest right at the start of this match is to try and predict the method of the first dismissal, and there are of course many different types of bet available to you.

The most likely outcome will of course be the Caught bet and as such the bets odds you can secure currently are 4/9; however that doesn’t mean any of the other types of dismissals could occur and with that in mind let me rattle through the odds available on each of them.

Lbw is on offer at 7/2, the Bowled bet is a value one at 4/1, but if you thing the first dismissal will be a Run Out the odds are high at 16/1 the Stumped bet and outcome is  16/1 and any other dismissal is 200/1!