Early Betting on the Pakistan vs Australia T20 Series

It is in five days time that you are going to be able to get your next cricket betting fix, and it will of course be the Pakistan v Australia T20 Series that will be starting that day, and as I always like to spend some time doing, I have tracked down the best betting opportunities available on that series.

Now when betting on Cricket you do of course have the opportunity of betting on any particular outcome you fancy, and that doesn’t just mean you can bet on for example one of the two teams to win, you can also lay odds on them losing too.

It is at a betting exchange such as Betfair where you are going to be able to offer you own odds on either Pakistan or Australia losing, and if the odds you choose to offer other punters using that betting exchange are high enough you will be matched up with one of them that wants to place their bet with you.

However, as far as backing one team to win or even the correct score of the series it is at betting sites such as Ladbrokes where you are always going to find the best odds, and as such below I will be giving you an insight into the different betting markets that are now available at that betting site below.

Who will be the Series Winner?

The outright series betting market is a tricky one to make sense of for sure, as there is a chance that either team could win the series and the odds on offer do reflect that too.

However, it is Pakistan that are the ever so slight favourite to win the series and their current odds are 4/5, but never underestimate the chances of an Australia win, and the odds they have attached to them at Ladbrokes are certainly worth taking if you do indeed fancy their chances are they are up for grabs at odds of even money right now!

Series Correct Score Betting

There are four possible correct score outcomes any of which may be tempting to you on this T20 Series, and it is certainly worth you finding out just what odds are available on each of those four possible correct scores.

The most likely outcome in regards to the correct final score from an odds point of view is a win Pakistan of 2-1 and the odds associated with that bet are 11/8, however I do know that many punters are being tempted with the 13/8 odds being offered on an Australia win for the series of  2-1.

You could however think that Pakistan are going to take this series with great ease, and if that is the case then however about backing Pakistan to win 3-0 for the odds of 9/2 on offer on that one particular bet are very high and tempting for sure. But if you think it will be Australia that will win with a series score of 3-0 instead their odds of doing so are 6/1.