Early Betting on the NBA Winner 2018/19

You will be faced with having to decide if the Golden State Warriors are worth their current tiny odds of winning the NBA this year, for every single betting site have them listed at odds so low it does look like they are going to be crowned the best NBA team, and their current odds of 8/15 do reflect their chances.

However, those betting sites are just playing safe it does have to be said, and with the odds on that favourite team to win the NBA this coming season being so very low, you can secure some much better value if you are prepared to take your chances on any of the other teams that will also have their eyes on the trophy and title!

As for which teams are attracting plenty of money, well it is Boston Celtics at 6/1 and the Houston Rockets who are currently quite backable at odds of 17/2 who are the second and third favourite, and it is a very fair bet that any of those three teams so far mention could win the title this season.

However, for a quite speculative punt it may be worth backing the Los Angeles Lakers, for if they do find their form this season there will be a very good chance that they could just come out on top and their current outright win odds are decent at 10/1.

Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors

Make no mistake about it there are plenty of value sharks who are currently trawling through as many betting markets chalked up at every single online betting site, trying to get the very best odds available on some of the other teams that may just be crowned the champion of the NBA this season.

Therefore if you are of the mind that the much more likely winners will be the Philadelphia 76ers over at Bruce Betting you can get odds of 14/1 on them and as far as the best odds that betting site are offering on the Toronto Raptors those odds are high at 18/1!

Outsiders and No Hopers

You are now all up to date with the very latest odds on the most likely winners of the NBA this season, but there are of course still plenty of other teams who could have a chance, albeit a tiny one of winning the NBA title this season.

Those teams include Oklahoma City Thunder at 33/1, San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz at 66/1 and you can get odds of a high 80/1 on Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Washington Wizards and the Denver Nuggets              ,

Two teams are 100/1 shots currently and they are the Portland Trail Blazers and the Indiana Pacers and you can also get even higher odds of 200/1 on  the Los Angeles Clippers, the Dallas Mavericks and the Detroit Pistons.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Phoenix Sun, Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets all look total outsiders at 250/1 and all other teams are available at huge odds of 500/1.