Early Betting on Teams to Be Relegated from EFL 2

Football is certainly a funny old game, and from a betting point of view it can often pay dividends for you to expect the unexpected when you do place any type of football related bets and wagers.

In my never ending quest to present to you the latest odds on a range of different betting opportunities, today I am going to be giving you an insight into an often overlooked betting market that is currently live, and will be through the football season over at Betfred.

Betfred are offering you the chance of pick out one or more teams that you think are going to be relegated from the English Football League 2, and whether you do support any teams that are playing in League 2 or not, that betting market is certainly worth checking out, as there is some value to be mopped up right now.

The odds however are going to be fluctuating on this betting market as the season progresses and of course the results come in on all matches played in League 2, but for some of the best early odds it do think you should at the very least see what odds are available, and below I will be giving you an overview of each of them.

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Favourite EFL2 Teams to be Relegated

As for the teams that sadly do look like there time in the EFL2 are going to be limited to this season,  it is Morecambe that are the currently favourites to be knocked out of the league, and the odds on them being so are quite good actually at 7/4!

There is also the chance that Macclesfield may be regulated, in fact the odds compilers over at Betfred have them pencilled in as the second most likely team to be booted out of this league and their odds are 3/1!

The third favourite team that is going to need all of the luck in the world this season if they are to survive the drop in EFL2 are Yeovil, and if you are of the mind that this will be the season they do drop down a league then now is the time to secure what could turn out to be the best odds available on that outcome, those odds being 10/3.

Teams with a Low Chance of Being Relegated

If you do decide to take a look at the regulation betting market over at Betfred, at different times during the coming weeks and months, you will notice the odds are going to fluctuate, as the results of all matches come in and are known.

Therefore, if you do fancy taking any of the following odds on any of the teams in EFL2 being relegated the sooner you act the sooner you can secure these odds, for it any team does start to play badly, and there is a very good chance any team could do, their odds of being regulated will drop and not increase!

Betfred have three teams all on offer at odds of 7/1 to be related, and those teams are Crawley, Cheltenham and Newport, but believe me when I say if any of those three teams starting losing match after match those odds will drop and very quickly too, so bet early is my advice!

Many people and fans of teams in the EFL2 are of the mind that teams such as Grimsby, Cambridge, Forest Green, Crewe, Carlisle and Stevenage are a fair bet that they will finish in a low position of the league this season but not love enough to be regulated, but if you think any of them will be relegated the best odds available on them doing so are 9/1, once again over at the BetFred betting site.

There is also a fair chance that Oldham could end up being relegated and their current odds of doing so are 10/1. A couple of teams that may just be worth a having a speculative bet on include Port Vale, Tranmere both at 12/1, or even a risky bet on Northampton who are chalked up at odds of 16/1.

Teams that are expected to be finishing in the middle of the table this season are both Exeter and Bury and for reference their relegated odds are currently 20/1, so the odds compilers are more or less convinced they certainly will not be relayed this season.

With both Swindon and Colchester on offer at high odds of 25/1, you will be placing an even more riskier type of bet if you do think they are going to be relegated, but I would never put you off taking those odds for it doesn’t take very much for any football team to lose their way and start losing match after match of course!

Mansfield look likely to finish at the top of the EFL2 than at the bottom for their regulation odds are currently 40/1 and the odds on Notts County going down are even higher at 66/1, so those two bets look like ones that you should avoid placing, unless you think either team is going to have a disastrous season!

If you have been studying the form of the last two teams in the EFL2 this season, then you are probably going to think like I do that both Lincoln and the MK Dons are going to finish, in one order or the other in first and second place of that league at the end of the season.

However, there are always going to be punters out there who do want to back the total outsiders on any betting markets, and as such if you think either team is going to be relegated at the end of this season both teams odds of doing so are 80/1!