Cycling Betting

One sport that you may never have thought about placing a bet on as a sports bettor is cycling but make no mistake about it there are going to be more than enough bet and wagers types you could end up placing if you feel you have the knowledge and ability to win when placing such bets.

The problem with cycling is that there are only so many major races being run throughout the year, and as such unlike most other sporting activates and evens, you are not going to find a plethora of different cycling race fixtures each day.

But having said that, there are plenty of people who do enjoy watching cycling races either at home on TV or getting out to the course in person and making something of a day of it!

If you have never placed a bet on cycling events but feel you may be interested in doing so, then please read on for an overview of the range and types of best on offer, and make sure you place such bets at our showcased and fully reviewed sportsbooks, and if you haven’t yet done so do claim their respective welcome betting bonuses too!

Bet on Cycling Tournaments

As most cycling tournaments are made up of several different stages, there is always going to be a chance that one of the riders who may not be in front in the early stages of such a tournament could go on to win that event.

However, it doesn’t really matter what types of bets you choose to place on the sport of cycling, one thing that you will always want to have the peace of mind in knowing is that the odds you have secure are the highest ones around.

You do have to become something of an odds hunter when trying to track down the highest possible odds, but as the winning pay-outs you will receive will be higher when you do so, then do so you must!

The outright winner betting markets are where the true value will lay, but to get the best odds when betting on cycling tournaments in general you need to place your bets on such betting markets long before the tournament begins, and the first stage is run, so make sure that is something you always do!

Unique Cycling Bet Types

As most cycling races are made up of different stages, then one type of bet you may fancy placing is a stage bet. As the name of this wager suggest you are tasked with picking out the winner rider who does finish in first position at that stage of the race.

Due to their being plenty of riders making up each race you can also bet on whether one of them will finish in the top few positions of each race or each individual stage, and the best way to do so is via an e-way bet.

That bet will see you having to place two bets in one, and one bet covers the rider you choose coming in first position, and the other will cover that rider finishing in one of the top few positions on the race, if he does the latter you are paid out a percentage of the win odds.

There are some betting sites that may also offer odds on a rider not finishing a stage for one of several different reasons, so if you think there is going to be carnage with a bunch of rider crashing and not completing a stage or race then that is the type of bet to place!

Best Types of Cycling Betting Bonuses

To be honest you are not going to be overwhelmed with bonuses and free type betting offers if you bet mainly on cycling events and tournaments for whilst most betting sites do offer betting markets on them the amount of people who only bet on that small and nothing else is tiny.

But having said that you can and occasionally will find the odd cycling related betting offer becomes available to you, and one of them could be a free bet offer.

To claim such an offer you often must opt into the promotion and once you do if you then place a losing bet on a cycling event the betting site will give you a free bet up to a certain amount on any other sports related bet you wish to place.

But as I say you will not often find many cycling specific promotional offers, but when you do so always read through the terms and conditions to find out what you are obliged to do when claiming such a bonus.

Bet on Cycling on an App

Admittedly the number of people who do like to bet on cycling events are not as huge as bet on most other sporting events, however I am more than confident that you are always going to find some betting markets on offer to you when you sign up to any of our featured betting sites.

Those sites that are fully reviewed throughout our website also offer a mobile betting app that is free to download and not only an online betting platform, so if you want to join the many millions of people who now prefer betting on a mobile betting app than betting online or in person in a sportsbook or betting shop then set about downloading an app sooner rather than later.

By doing so you can then place just as many bets and wagers on cycling races as you can when betting in any other environment, and the odds you will find on offer via a betting app will always be the same as are on offer on that apps sister online betting platforms.

There are bonuses and promotional offers waiting to be claimed if you do use a betting app, so check out our featured sites for money information on what they are and how to claim them!