Cricket Betting Guide

Having a bet on a cricket match is something anybody can do these days, and thanks to the exclusive sign up offers at each of our featured betting sites, you are going to get plenty of additional winning opportunities when you sign up to those sites too.

However, the cricket betting environment is one that you are going to have to get your head around if you do want to find out how to maximize your winning returns, and that is why I have put together this guide to betting on cricket.

Spend a little bit of time reading through it for it is going to enlighten you on some of the much more unusual betting opportunities and exclusive betting markets that are now on offer to both mobile and online sports bettors.

Keep in mind also, that as there is a cricket match in play or about to start somewhere in the world every minute of the day, you will never go short regarding which matches or players you do decide to have one or more bets on!

Bet on Cricket Leagues and Tournaments

With so many cricket leagues and tournaments being held at one time or another all over the world, then you are probably going to be tempted to place several bets on the teams that you think are going to win some of them.

You can also bet on each individual match played in each league or in any cricket tournaments, but for the best value I would urge you to always place bets on the outright winner betting markets well in advance of a tournament or league commencing, as that is where there will be some much higher odds!

Such betting markets are classed as fixed odds, meaning that you can take the odds offered at any time up until the league or tournament begins, safe in the knowledge they are not going to fluctuate in value, until the very first matches do start.

Obviously, you will have to make a correct predict when placing such a bet and hope your chosen team or teams do perform well, but the rewards are therefore the taking when betting in advance!

Unique Cricket Bet Types

Picking a cricket team to win a match, finish at the end of the season at the top of their respective league or win or get placed in any cricket tournament is easy to do these days. However, the latter two types of bets can return to you some much higher valued odds when you bet in advance of the season or tournament starting!

Those bets are commonplace, and most cricket bettors will start off by placing such bets, but there are plenty of other types of crickets bets you may fancy placing so let me now look at some of them.

The number of runs a tea or a player will score is one type of bet you can place, along with a correct score type of bet, and you will also be able to place a bet on just how one or more players are going to be dismissed from a match too.

You can also bet on the number of sixes a team or player could score and can also perm several matches into an accumulator type of bet, so by guessing the winning team from each of your matches the winnings roll over from each winning match to the next along with your stake too!

Best Types of Cricket Bonuses

No risk bets can and will be offered to some customers of certain betting sites if they have shown a lot of loyalty to that site and regularly bet at one site and do give them a fair bit of action, so it can often pay dividends for you to stick to betting at such a site.

The way in which a no risk bet will be designed is such that you will be offered the chance of placing a bet for example on the outcome of a cricket match, but if you bet turns out to be a losing one then the betting site will give you your stake money back.

However, the way to determine if that is a true valued betting bonus is whether the betting site pays you back your losses on a cricket match as cash or as a free bet, if such a bonus is designed as the former then they are the best valued bonuses to make use of, if the latter then you will have to hope your free bets wins to get a winning outcome.

These types of bonuses are often also offered to new customers of sportsbooks and betting sites, so do be on the lookout for them when you fancy signing up to a different betting site.

Bet on Cricket on an App

Cricket betting has become much easier to do recently, for with the arrival of betting apps all that a punter needs to do to place a bet is download an app, deposit into it then in a few taps and swipes of their mobile phones screen they can place a bet on anything happening in any worldwide cricket match.

But be aware you should never take risks when it comes to betting on an app, and in much the same way as you should do your research to finding a top rated online or land-based sportsbook, you should spend just as much time comparing what different betting apps have to offer you.

But to save you hours and hours downloading and then playing round with lots of different apps from all manner of different betting companies, simply download an app from any of our featured betting sites, for they all come highly recommended.

Plus, you are also going to be able to claim just as many new customer types of sign up welcome bonuses and take advantage of plenty of ongoing promotional offers and deals when using a betting app as you will have on offer to you when betting online!