Can Dorotas Wildcat Win the Greyhound Derby?

The Greyhound Derby 2018 will soon be upon us, and if you have been watching this major UK greyhound tournament over the last few weeks you will have some several the fancied runners being knocked out as different stages.

However, as we are now down to the last twenty-four runners, if you do intend on having a bet on the ante post betting markets for the final, then you really do need to act quick.

There has been some serious money laid down on Dorotas Wildcat, whose is now the strong favourite to win the final at odds of 4/1, but there is some value to be had by looking at some of the other greyhounds, and today I will be giving you an overview of which ones may come out on top and pass the finishing line in first place in the final.

Keep in mind too that many betting sites, such as those featured throughout this website are going one quarter the odds the first four places if you do fancy an each-way bet, so if any greyhounds you do fancy betting on do currently have high odds, then now would be a good time to place such bets.

Greyhounds with the Pace Needed to Win the Greyhound Derby

Regarding where to place your bets, do consider betting with Coral, for they do have plenty of greyhound betting markets available on greyhound racing each day include the trap challenge.

Plus, if you do win when betting with Coral and you have one of their Coral Connect cards you can then pick up your winning sin cash from any of their land-based betting offices.

One greyhound that could win the Greyhound Derby this year is Droopys Verve, I have been watching the odds drop on that dog for several days now, starting at 10/1 and working its way down to the current odds of 5/1, so currently that is the second favourite to win.

A dog does of course need to keep out of trouble when running around the track to emerge unscathed from the corners, and that is something that I do feel Bruisers Bullet is likely to do, and I am not alone in that thought as plenty of people are mopping up the current odds of 6/1.

Two other greyhounds that if everything does fall into place, and they make it through to the final race could go on to win it are Crossfield will at 8/1, along with the 12/1 shot Bombers Bullet, who believe it or not was on offer at over 100/1 to win this event no too long ago!

Each Way Betting Opportunities on the Greyhound Derby

As mentioned up above there are just 24 dogs left in the Derby, and many betting sites will give you one quarter the win odds if you chosen dog finished in the first four final places on each-way bets, so let me now give you some ideas of where you may fancy putting your money when placing such a bet!

Borna Gin and Bubbly Bluebird may just scrape through to one of the top four places on the Greyhound Derby and if you think that is something that is likely to happen, both can be had at odds of 12/1, but you will need to act quickly to secure those odds of course.

There is one 16/1 shot that I do have something of an inclining my surprise everyone and that is Innocent Times having seen the way this dog can power around the track, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it in the final six dogs, and probably it will creep into one of the top final four positions too.

If you do want to bet on some of the rank outsiders to win the final then there are plenty of them available at huge odds, however whether any of the following dogs will win or get placed does remain to be seen!

At 33/1 you have the likes of Calico Brandy and Droopys Dresden and at 50/1 you have the likes of both Newinn Shadow and Alfies Prince. If you want to totally throw caution to the win and bet on one of the 100/1 shots to win, then you need to stick a pin names of any one of the four final greyhounds, those being Noelles Phelpso, Salacres Vincent, Wildfire Legend and Whizzy Wonder!