Bruce Betting Review

I wasn’t sure what to make of the Bruce Betting site when I first heard about it, for in some weird way in my mind I was wondering has Bruce Forsyth, he of the Generation Game and Strictly Come Dancing fame returned from the dead and has now launched his own sportsbook online!

However, that wasn’t that case of course, for Bruce Betting in a standalone company that have launched with one aim in mind, that being to wipe the floor with all their competitors, and whilst that is of course something that will be hard to do, they are certainly going about it the right way.

I think you should make your way over to their betting site as soon as you can do for that way you will see what added extras, over and above just their sign up welcome bonus will be on offer to you are one of their new clients.

I would also urge you to compare their betting odds on any of the betting markets that you are interested in placing a bet on, for you will not fail to be impressed by the value of their bets, which gave been made possible thanks to them running to a low over-round therefore giving more value to all their customers through much higher odds of course!

Free Bet Each Week for a Year!

If you feel that the current sportsbook or bookmakers site that you bet and gamble at regularly is not rewarded your loyalty, then I do think it is time that you switched over to Bruce Betting, or they have taken customer loyalty to a whole new level!

As part of their loyalty scheme you will qualify for their free weekly bet offer when you do sign up and place your usual bets and wagers, and that free bet you can qualify for each week of the year for the first year you have an account with them is worth £10.

I do have to say that exclusive loyalty type of bonus is certainly worth claiming If you are not what you would call a high-stake gambler, for you are going to be able to qualify for that free £10 bet each year even if you only place small valued bets and wagers.

Bet Bruce and Bet Smart

It should be relatively easy for you to sign up as a new customer of Bruce Betting, in fact when I did some time ago it took around a minute or so to register as a user, and once done you will then be all set to use your username and password to access their online betting platform.

You will agree, when you do look over their website that they betting platform is very sleek looking and to be perfectly honest it has been designed in such a way that even a novice and first time online sports bettor will soon get the hang of it.

Everything is laid out in an easy to understand way, so you will never be forced to have to cross though page after page of different betting opportunities to find the ones that you are most interested in making use of.

New customers do of course get to take advantage of the sign-up bonus offer mentioned up above, and when doing so that bonus is added to your account quickly.

You do also have the ability of downloading the Bruce Betting app, now be aware that the sign-up bonuses and all ongoing bonuses, promotional offers and deals you see advertise don their online betting platform will be available on their betting app too.

That betting app is compatible with any type of mobile device that has been designed as a touch screen mobile device, and once you launch their app and sign in you can place just as many bets and wagers and up to the same stake amounts a you have on offer on their online betting platform.

The only real difference is that by downloading the app you will always have a way of placing a bet no matter where you are of at what time of the night or day you wish to place a bet too!

Best Odds and the Best Valued Betting Markets

There is a reason why every single one of the betting sites that you will find listed and showcased throughout this website have been approved by us and let me now give you the main reason as to why we did set about approving Bruce Bet.

What lets down many sportsbooks these days is that they do not have a full team in place to allow them to operate their website completely independently, which means they do tend to outsource things such as their financial transactions and often their odds compiling too.

Believe me, if you make the mistake of signing up to a betting site that does outsource all their odds compiling and betting market making you will rarely find any value to be had on the betting markets available at those sportsbooks and betting sites.

However, I am glad to let you know Bruce Betting do set their own betting markets in-house, so there will be times when you do spot some much higher valued odds being offered to you on various sporting events so if value is what you are seeking they are a site worth considering signing up to and betting at!

Legal and Safe Betting at Bruce Betting

Bruce Betting does offer everything a punter will ever want or need to have an unsurpassed and may people would also say first class gambling experience, however you do need to know your money is always going to be safe no matter at which betting site you do decide to sign up to and bet at.

The first thing I want you to know about the legalities of betting at Bruce Betting I that they are fully licensed and regulated and you will have to send in copies of your identification documents so that they can verify your account, address and age.

There are also many different laws in place around the world as to the minimum legal age to gamble at any betting sites, and as such if for example you live in the UK then you will be required to be at the very least 18 years of age before you will be allowed to open an account with Bruce Betting.

You will also have the ability of set your own gambling limits too, so make sure you consider doing so if you lack the self-control to stop gambling when things are not going your way!

Bruce Betting Customer Support

As Bruce Betting is nowhere near as large a company as some of the other sportsbooks we have showcased and reviewed throughout this website, that does of course mean that if you do ever need to get in touch with their support team you will be guaranteed of a very fast repose.

However, such is the way that they have designed their betting platform and apps you will find that you rarely if ever need to contact their support team, but if you do then you will find all the standard ways of contacting them such as email and instant chat.

What you are going to also find coming your ay once you have signed up as one of their new real money customer, is a contact supply of promotional offer!

So, if you do want to ensure you always get extra betting value then make sure you look out for the emails hitting your inbox as some to their deals and offers are always going to help you secure plenty of additional and extra betting value!

My Thoughts on the Bruce Betting Sportsbook

New betting sites tend to come and go, and it is only those that are likely to pass the test of time that will be here for the long run, and in the very competitive world of sports betting, there is never any knowing just which sportsbooks are going to survive or not.

However, there is a strong company backing Bruce Betting and one that has years of experience in that type of gambling environment, and they have spared no expense getting everything in place to ensure their punters are going to enjoy themselves when betting on their online or mobile betting platforms.

Maybe this isn’t the betting site for you to bet big at, until they become a little more established, but at the end of the day being fully licensed and regulated there will be no problems with your funds should anything happen to the company for those funds are kept in a totally segregated client account.

Plus, being licensed that does of course mean that the directors of the company are of good character and much more importantly they do have the financial resources on hand to make the business viable too, so I can see plenty of people willing to give them a try and one of them maybe you of course!