British Grand Prix Betting

All eyes are going to be on the Silverstone Circuit over in the UK this Sunday the 8th of July 2018 as that is the venue and day that the British Grand Prix will be held, and from a gambling point of view there are no shortages of bets and wagers you can place on the outcome of that race.

You will have the ability of betting on the winner of the qualifier, but most people are going to want to bet on their favourite driver to win the main race, and it does appear that Lewis Hamilton is the number one choice for many punters as his odds of winning are tiny at just 5/6!

However, when it comes to a slightly better valued bet on the winner of the British Grand Prix there are plenty of punters out there who think it is going to be the turn of S. Vettel to excel and with his odds being 7/2 there is certainly some value to be had by betting on him at those odds.

The only other two drivers that are having a fair bit of cash bet on them to win this race are V. Bottas whose odds are 11/2 align with M. Verstappen at 15/2!

Race Winner – Team Betting

You may fancy betting on the team to win the main race rather than the driver, and therefore if that is something you fancy doing then allow me to give you an insight into the odds currently on offer.

The three favourite teams are of course Mercedes at 4/9, Ferrari at 9/4 and Red Bull at 7/2, but if you want to try for a big winning payout you can bet on some of the rank outsiders such as Force India at 400/1, Sauber at 750/1 or throw caution to the wind and bet on Williams at 1000/1!

Bigger Odds on the Fastest Lap Betting Market

You will get some much bigger odds if instead of betting on the two betting markets listed up above you concentrate your betting efforts on picking the driver that you think is going to achieve the very fastest lap time in the main race

If for example you think it is going to be the favourite to win the main race that being L. Hamilton you will find Betfred for example are offering odds of 5/2 on him doing so, and V. Bottas could also be worth a punt as his odds of achieving the fastest lap time are 3/1.

As you would expect  S. Vettel is quite high up on the bookies betting boards and betting markets and his odds of being the fastest lap time driver are 7/2 and two Red Bull drivers those being D. Ricciardo and M. Verstappen are on offer at odds of 4/1.

Looking at the raw talent of the other drivers I think there is only going to be one additional one that could achieve the fastest lap time in the main race and that is K. Raikkonen at 5/1.