Brighton Racecourse Stats

You will love the racecourse in Brighton, for on a hot sunny day there is no better place to watch flat racing at its very best, you will of course need to know the address of this racecourse if you plan on visiting and that is Freshfield Rd, Brighton BN2 9BrightonZ, UK,

The Arena Racing Company is the parent company of Brighton racecourse and as you would expect there is one TV channel that does have the rights to broadcast all races from this course and that is At the Races.

Facts and Stats about Brighton Racecourse

Flat racing is both exciting to watch and any race could see any of the horses winning, and whilst on average one in three favourites win, it can often pay dividends for you to follow jockeys, owners and even trainers that are in form at one course, and with that in mind here are some pieces of information that you may find of interest.

Top Jockeys at Brighton Racecourse

It is very true to say that Brighton racecourse can be a very tricky course at times, and that is why the best policy when having a bet on horses running here is to stick to being on the ones with a jockey that is proven at the course and have a good record of winning too and for reference those jockeys include Jason Watson, Luke Morris, Kieran O’Neill, Sean Levy and Pat Cosgrave.

Brighton Racecourse Top Trainers

How you go about picking which horses to bet on at Brighton is of course up to you, however they do say that you should always follow a trainer in form, and with that in mind here are the top trainers at this course who may just be worth following John Bridger, Philip Hide, Malcolm Saunders, Eve Johnson Houghton and Richard Hannon.

Where to Bet on Brighton Races

As you are going to be able to lay bets off other punters and can also place bets to win when using the betting change on offer at Betfair, if you are every planning an afternoons betting at Brighton racecourse you will be best advised to utilize that betting exchange.

You never know just what odds you are going to get before the off or in running when using Betfair, but one thing that will be guaranteed and that is those odds are going to be higher than those offered to you by a standard bookmakers or sportsbook!

Course Specialists at Brighton

Brighton racecourse does have some course specialists and they are simply those horses that do very well around the Brighton course, and for reference those horses are Live Dangerously, Archimento, Tin Hat, Carraigin Aonair and Nutini.

Brighton Top Owners

If you want to add top owners to your list of things to look out for when trying to pick any number of horses at Brighton racecourse then you will need to know which ones they are, and fortunately that is exactly what I am about to reveal to you, and those top owners are W A Wood, Forever Optimists, Eden Racing IV, Mrs L F Wei and Ready Steady Go.