Boxing Betting Guide

There can be and often is a lot of hype surrounding boxing matches, and in the run up to any major bouts you are always going to hear plenty of opinions as to which boxer is likely to win, however the underdog is also going to want to play up his chances of winning too.

There can be no greater feeling in the world than when you have studied the form of each boxer or simply have a sneaky suspicion that one boxer is going to win a match and you have a bet on that match, and the outcome is the one you predicted.

However, the only way that you are going to be guaranteed of maximizing the returns on such bets and wagers is by knowing just what betting markets are on offer to you, and by finding out where to place your boxing bets too.

That is the reason I have chosen to compile the following boxing betting guide, and below you will find out all the information you require to allow you to become a much savvier sports bettor, and with that in mind I invite you to read on and learn more.

boxing betting guide

Pick Your Boxing Bets Wisely

You will of course always want a very fair and reasonable chance of winning when you do place any type of boxing related bets, and to help you discover just how wide and varied those betting opportunities are, below is a roundup of all the most popular and most commonly placed boxing related bets that many people do tend to place time and time again.

Round betting is going to be very appealing to fans of boxing, for when you set about placing such a bet you must choose the round that the match will end and pick out the boxer who will win it in that round too. Make no mistake about it though, whilst this type of bet can at times be a difficult one to predict the odds you will find attached to them are huge!

You may have a sneaky suspicion that a boxing match is either going to last just a few rounds or may last quite a lot of rounds, and if so then look out for the over and under betting markets on which a betting site picks and round and you must bet on whether the match will end under that numbered round or will last to a higher numbered round.

You will also be able to pick out one boxer that is going to win any match, and to do so you simply must choose the stake you wish to place on him and then take the odds offered to you, if he wins then so do you but if he loses you do too!

If there is more than one boxing match you fancy betting on then you can place a parlay or accumulator type of bet, and when you do so you pick and stake and if each boxer wins then the pay-out from each winning bet rolls over to the next bet, but each boxer must win his match for this type of bet to be a winning one!

Sports bettors are always going to have their own opinions as to how any boxing match will end, and as such if you think you can predict not only who will win any boxing match but the method of how he will win it then consider placing such a bet as the odds may just be tempting when you do so!

Bet or Lay Odds on Any Boxing Match

By visiting a sportsbook, bookmakers betting shop or when using an online or mobile betting app you are always going to find plenty of boxers and boxing matches you can bet on.

If you want to ensure you do get the best odds available, then hunting around and comparing the odds available, and considering placing your bets well in advance of any boxing match starting is something I would encourage you to do.

As often it is the case that by betting early and comparing the odds available at various betting sites and venues you can secure some much higher odds, than when you restrict yourself to betting with the same betting company.

Betting exchanges though have completely revolutionized the boxing betting market place for not only can you place a bet but if you think any boxer is going to lose a match you can lay odds on him doing so, and if he loses you win!

But the downside of laying a boxer to lose is that if he wins his match you then must pay the winners out to the punter you have been matched up with on a betting exchange, as opposed to keeping their stake if the boxer loses his match!

Top Rated Betting Sites and Betting Apps

You are probably more than aware that as there are so many different betting sites and betting apps available to you, there can be huge benefits of shopping around and comparing just what each of them are going to be offering you.

Our team do however have many years of experience of betting online and via mobile devices, so if you are on the lookout for a range of new places at which to place any type of boxing related bets and wagers then please do consider signing up to those top-rated sites and apps we have chosen to present to you throughout this website.

We have put together a checklist of wants and demand that we just know you will be demanding from all betting sites and apps you do sign up to, and we are pleased to showcase to you those sites that are always going to give you the ultimate betting experience.

Things we do look out for on offer from our featured betting sites include multiple deposit and withdrawal options, multi-currency account settings, fair if not generous odds and an around the clock support service too, so do consider making use of those you see listed throughout our website for a hassle free and enjoyable gambling experience.