Bovada Review

There was one thing that the Bovada sportsbook was launched with the aim of providing, and that was a betting site that could be trusted by all sports bettors but mainly those living and residing in the USA, and that is something that they have been able to achieve after many years of hard work, time and effort.

As such if you do live or reside in the USA and you want a completely hassle-free type of online sports betting experience, and let’s face it who doesn’t, then please do read through this review of Bovada. It may be a long review, but I do want you to be confident you know just how professionally run a sportsbook try are before you register!

Being a betting site that does have a huge and ever-growing number of US customers, another thing you will find of use is that when registering as a new client you can set your account to use US Dollars meaning that your deposits, bets you place and withdrawals can all be made and placed using your home currency and you will not see those deposits and withdrawals being reduced in value by currency exchange rate charges.

Please do read on for not all betting sites are run and operated to the exact same high standards, but as soon as you do become a customer of Bovada you will realise they have broken the mould and are a site worthy of your gaming action!

Huge Deposit Match Sports Betting Bonus

As Bovada allow their customers to sign up, deposit and place all their bets in US Dollars, it will not surprise you to learn that you are also going to be able to claim all their bonuses in US Dollars too, and the very first one you should claim is our exclusive deposit match bonus.

There is up to a whopping $250 waiting to be claimed when you do make your very first real money deposit at Bovada, and the sooner you claim it the more winning opportunities you will then have by using your awarded bonus funds.

To claim that bonus and qualify for it just click onto any of our Bovada sportsbook links, of which you will find plenty of them dotted around this website and follow the instructions found of their website to claim that bonus instantly.

Click or Tap to Place Your Bets

I hate having to use a betting platform is that is slow and cumbersome, for when you do so sometimes you can see high odds on offer on a sporting event you want to have a financial interest in, but when you finally work your way around a cumbersome betting platform and are about to place that bet the odds have changed in a negative way!

That will be something that you are never going to experience when you sign up to the Bovada sportsbook, for they have a very easy to use yet advanced betting platform, and when using their web based one you simply point and click on the bets you wish to place, enter the amount and your bet will then be added onto the system.

All bets placed are recorded and given their own unique transaction number, which makes looking them up via your account log a breeze, and there are never any delays when it comes to them settling winning best either as they are settled automatically.

Take a little bit of time to check out their website as you will see the layout of their betting platform when you do so, also keep in mind that their mobile betting app is highly advanced, and it does offer everything their online platform offers too!

US Sports Bettor Friendly Banking Options

It can often feel like a battle of wits when you are trying to find ways as a US based online or mobile sports bettor to send money directly into your betting site account, for to be honest there are not that many cost-effective options on offer to you and there can often be some delays in getting your money transferred into such a site too.

Bovada are more than aware of the problems faced by US based sports bettors, and as such have gone above and beyond what you would expect to ensure their American punters can and will be able to find plenty of ways to fund their accounts.

But ways that enable their deposits to show up in their betting accounts instantly and with no delays and ways of making a deposit that isn’t going to see their clients being forced to pay all manner of excessive fees either.

If you are at the point when you are sick and tired of slow winning pay-outs and hate being forced to give up a chunk of your bankroll and winnings when betting online to banking method transaction fees, then please seriously consider signing up to Bovada.

By doing so you will then discover plenty of ways to make a deposit instantly and with no messing about, however deposits are not the only thing you will be hoping you have to make at any betting sites, for you will of course want to win!

Bovada has a system in place that is going to allow them to pay out all their US based customers in the fastest possible time frames and those customers can withdrawal some substantial amounts of cash out of their accounts at any time too.

If you are an avid sports bettor who wants to forget about the nightmare of making deposits and the long wait often associated with cashing out your winnings and getting them finally paid out to you, then it is time you became a new customer of Bovada.

Make no mistake about it, they are passionate about everything they offer and will leave no stone unturned to ensure their US based clients especially have a completely hassle-free experience when betting with them, so give them a try and see what you make of them!

More Unique Betting Opportunities

There are in fact two different betting sites that you can make use of at Bovada, the first is a standard sportsbook on which every possible sporting event will be covered by a range of different betting markets, however they do also have a race book as well.

I am quite fond of using that race book for they cover horse races from many different countries of the world and as such you will always be able to place a bet on a horse race somewhere in the world whenever you want to get your racing fix!

The odds and money liness are generous, and that is one of the main reasons why the Bovada sportsbook does attract not only US based punters but those from many different countries of the world too, for there are always going to be plenty of betting opportunities available no matter what you fancy betting on, at odds that are appealing.

Ongoing promotional offers can of course help you lock in additional betting value too, but as Bovada do also own and operate lots of different gambling sites online, you are always going to find plenty of other sites owned and operated by them including poker and casino sites

It will be up to you whether you do sign up to the Bovada sportsbook, but the procs do outweigh the cons so to speak and they do come highly recommended.

Account Verification and Customer Support

It doesn’t matter which betting site, mobile betting app or sportsbook you chose to sign up to, one thing you are going to have to do when joining any of them it to get your account fully verified.

That is to ensure that the betting site is abiding by its gaming license and only letting sports bettors over the legal minimum age gamble at their sites and app but be aware the legal age to gamble can change from country to country.

What you are also going to have to go through when betting at sportsbooks such as Bovada is send into them copies of your passport or driving license to verify you age and address and send in a recent utility bill to prove you live where you say you do too.

However, that isn’t going to take days or even weeks at Bovada for they have a streamlined system in pace that allows you to get your account verified often within the hour, and as such you will then not find your betting account restricted or your cash outs delayed if you do make a withdrawal.

Anybody who does live in the USA and wants to start betting online really is going to be very hard pressed to find a better sportsbook than Bovada, however do not just that my word for it check them out for yourself, for I just know you will like everything about their betting platforms, betting markets and their promotional offers and their around the clock support service too!