Bovada Open Their 2018 Belmont Stakes Betting Market

If there is one horse race over in the USA that is guaranteed to attract a huge amount of interest with sports bettors, it is the Belmont Stakes.

What I usually find however is that when it comes to getting access to some of the best odds on US horse racing, you should look to sites such as Bovada, for they are a US facing sportsbook, that do accept customers from all over the world, however the odds and props they offer are usually better than anywhere else.

As luck would have it, the Bovada Sportsbook have just opened their Belmont Stakes early betting market, and there is, as I expected lots of value to be had. That is, if you are prepared to look a little further afield than the current favourite to win that race.

For reference it is Justify that is taking the most amount of cash on that betting market, and as such you are going to find it is on offer at even money. An amazing horse I’m sure you will agree if you have watched Justify running, however anything can and usually does happen in the Belmont Stakes, so let me look at which other horses has the ability and skill needed to win it.

Most Likely Winner of the Belmont Stakes

As mentioned above, even money on a horse of the calibre of Justify is good value, and I am more than sure plenty of fans of horse racing will be more than happy to snap up those odds.

But there are no shortages of other horses that have been in training with this race in mind so let me give you an insight into which other horses could win it.

Audible is on offer at +500 and that is a horse that has speed when needed and is sure to be finishing with a rattle as they enter the final stages of the race and could just pull this race out of the bag if Justify fails to perform for one reason or another to win.

I keep meeting people who are of the mind that Good Magic cannot possibly lose the Belmont Stakes, in fact at odds of +600 it is also something hat Bovada think could just happen, so make sure you bag those odds as quick as you can do for they are likely to shorten if the expected volume of wagers is placed on Good Magic!

Three horses that will attract some money are Hofburg who is currently on offer at +700, My Boy Jack has a fair chance of winning at +800, and if everything does fall into place as the race is playing out then Bravazo at +900 looks a steal, but that horse can be a very tricky ride, so you will be taking a risk when betting on it.

Outsiders to Win the Belmont Stakes

There would be no betting market on the Belmont Stakes if every single horse running didn’t have odds of winning attached to it, and there are always going to be punters who are prepared to take a punt on some of the outsiders to win.

Personally however, I do not feel that any of the other horse other than one of those already mentioned are going to win this race, but if you are of the mind this year is going to see a surprise result and one of the outsiders could win, then here are the odds on the other runners.

Tenfold is readily available at odd of +1100, and you will find no matter how much you wish to bet on Blended Citizen at +1200 Bovada will lay your bet, one horse that does look completely friendless in the betting markets and one whose odds are sliding is Vino Rosso at +2000.

Solomini is in with a slim chance of winning this race at +1600, however you really are going to be throwing caution to the wind and hoping against hope if you choose to bet on Machismo at +3300 or indeed Instilled Regard also at +3300.

The two complete outsiders that could win but probably won’t are Free Drop Billy at +5000 and Gronkowski at +6900, and if you do decide to bet on either of those two horses then you really will have nerves of steel, but unless there is a miracle when the Belmont Stakes get under way, you are probably not going to be collecting any winnings!