Both Teams to Score BTTS Football Betting

Football coupon betting is proving to be very popular with punters, for by doing so you are always going to find a very good mix of different bets and wagers you can place on such a bet, and you do always have the chance of winning some fairly large amounts of cash from a  relative low stake too.

The BTTS football coupon on offer from Ladbrokes for example is going to allow you to bet on a range of different football matches, and what you have to decide is whether both teams are going to score in each of the matches you select.

You can select yes both teams will win on any of those matches named below or you can select no they won’t both score, and below you will find the odds associated with each possible outcome. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter what the score of the match is, this type of football coupon bet is only concerned about whether both teams wills core at least one goal each during the match or not!

On Friday there is a match between Gamba Osaka and FC Tokyo and if you are of the mind that both teams are likely to score at least one goal each at some point in time in that match the odds available at 3/4, and the odds available on the no they won’t both score at one goal each option are even money.

Other BTTS Coupon Betting Matches

It is often the case that you should spend as much time as you need and require working your way through the list of football teams listed don any upcoming BTTS coupon, for if you don’t you an often miss a few matches in which the outcome should be fair easy to predict.

Take for example the Beijing Guoan v Jiangsu Shuntian match, I am of the mind, as I am sure plenty of you out there will also be, that there should be at least one goal score by each team in that match, and the odds being offered at Ladbrokes on hat outcome are 4/6 but you can get 23/20 that both teams will not hit the back of the net at some point in that match too.

If there isn’t at least one goal by both teams scored in the Dalian Aerbing FC v Guangzhou R & F match it will be quite a surprise and the odds on that happening are 2/5, however if you think there is no way in the world both teams will score in that match then grab the current odds of 7/4 on that being the case!

You will have until just afternoon midday to get you bets placed on the Tianjin Teda v Henan Jianye match, as much like the above two matches listed above that match does have a rather early kick off and as far as the betting goes the odds on both teams scoring are 7/10 and the odds that both teams will not score are 11/10.

Man Utd v Leicester

Manchester United are of course going to be placing Leicester on Friday night and you are going to have your own mind made up already as the most likely outcome in that match, however if you are interested in adding that match onto your BTTS football coupon bet the odds on both teams scoring in hat match are interesting at 11/10 and the odds that both teams will not score are 8/11 which may just be the outcome!

Moving onto another match that you may or may not be interested in adding onto your both teams to score betting coupon is the match between Boa EC MG v Londrina PR, you can secure odds of 21/20 that both teams will score and 8/11 they will not.

Plenty of football fans are going o want to have some form of bet on the Hearts v Celtic match, and whilst you can back either team to win or place all manner of different bets on that match such as the correct score or first or last player to score, in respect of the odds for both teams to score or not to score those odds are 5/6 and 19/20 respective.

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that fans of both Newcastle and Tottenham will be praying that their favourite team does win that match or at the very least score a goal, you should think long and hard as to whether there will be any goals scored in that match there are currently odds available of 4/5 that both team will score and odds of Evens that they won’t.

AFC Wimbledon v Coventry is a match I am sure plenty of you will be planning on watching this weekend and if so and you think that this will be a match worthy of adding onto your BTTS football coupon bet then make sure you make use of the 19/20 on both teams scoring odds at Ladbrokes or alternatively securing the 4/5 odds that both teams will not score.

In the Aston Villa v Wigan anything could of course happen and if you want to bet that both teams are going to hit the back of the net and score at the very least one goal each in that match the odds associated with that are 4/5 and the odds on both teams not scoring at the very least one goal each in that match are 19/20!

Moving onto the Blackburn v Millwall match, there is some value to be had at Ladbrokes if you are of the mind that it is going to be a high scoring match or at least one in which each team does rattle in at least one goal each and the odds on that being what happens are 10/11 and you are also going to be offers odds of 20/23 that both teams will not score one goal or more each in that match too.