Betting Strategy for getting the Best Cricket Odds

Betting Strategy for getting the Best Cricket Odds

Whenever you get the urge to bet on cricket, and you are convinced that one of the two teams about to take to the pitch are going to win, then you will of course need to secure the best odds on your bet, and that is often much harder to do that it sounds!

Therefore, in this cricket betting strategy guide I am going to let you know how you should go about hunting for the best betting odds available, for you will find several different ways you can ensure you are never being ripped off by a bookmaker, sportsbook or betting site offering poor valued odds.

Whilst the odds on most cricket matches will be available at some betting sites as fixed odds, meaning those odds are never going to change no matter how much money a betting site takes on either of the two teams, some betting sites do compile their own odds that can and do fluctuate.

get the best Cricket betting odds

Therefore, it will pay dividends for you to make use of one of the many odds comparison websites that are available to punters. When you do visit an odds comparison site, as their name suggests you simply need to choose the cricket match you wish to bet on, and the website database will then present to you the odds being offered by several different sites. That does make tracking down the bets odds available so much easier, than looking up the odds on the individual betting platforms of any number of different betting sites and betting apps, so make sure that is the very first thing you do.

Also, if the cricket match you intend betting on is a major event, such as the final game in a tournament for example, then many online and mobile betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers may additionally be running a promotion for any new customers that sign up to their sites and place their very first real money bet with them.

One of the most popular types of welcome offers available, is something known as a free matched bet. When you place your very first bet at any new betting site or app you have only just registered as a new customer at, your first bet, up to a certain value will be matched as a free bet.

So, for example if you choose to place a 50.00 bet on your chosen cricket match, in the currency your betting site or betting app account is set at, then win or lose you will then qualify for a free bet up to the value of 50.00.

Even though it may take you several minutes to register as a new punter at any betting sites or betting apps, it is certainly worth doing so to take advantage of such offers and promotions, much more so if your initial cricket bet is a winning one, as you then get the chance of placing another no risk bet which could also turn out to be a winning one too!