Betting Site Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

As someone who wants to bet online or on a mobile betting app, one thing you should never make any compromises on is the method you choose to send money into your account and get paid your winnings out of your betting account.

I say that, for if you do not pick the payment method carefully you could end up paying some hefty fees and charges, not only when you do make a deposit into such an account but when you get paid out your winnings too, and the fees and charges can reduce the value of your bankroll quite significantly over time.

This guide to betting site deposit and withdrawal methods will help you find a payment option that is cost effective and is convenient to you too.

PaySafeCard Vouchers

Not everybody is going to have a bank account or credit card or will want to go through the fuss and hassle of signing up to and then using a web or e-wallet type of account when they want to gamble online.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a way to top up your betting site account that is completely seamless and secure but without having to get a bank account, credit card or use a web wallet then PaySafeCard may just have the solution.

What they offer is a prepaid voucher system, which will entail you simply visiting any shop in the UK that is a Pay Zone or Pay Point approved shop and then head inside, request a PaySafeCard voucher for any amount, pay for it in cash and then use the unique number on the front of the voucher and enter the amount into the banking interface of the betting site you want your money added too.

You are unable to request winnings via PaySafeCard so there will be a requirement by you to have a backup withdrawal option on hand in case you do win!

Debit Cards

If you do have a debit card that is linked up to your bank account, or even set up a bank account solely to use for betting purposes, then that has to be the best option for you to use when depositing and also withdrawing money to and from a betting site account.

Not only are you going to have to pay any additional fees and charges when funding or withdrawing your account all transactions made are instant when depositing, and you will get paid your winnings back into that bank account at lightning speed too.


The number of times I have experienced problems with PayPal is annoying, however when everything does go to plan when using it as a payment option you are rarely going to experience any problems using their web wallet service.

Just keep in mind though that PayPal do have some very strict rules regarding which of their users can fund and get paid out winnings to and from their web wallet, and it will be done to where you live as to whether you can use it at any gambling or betting sites.

But there are fees and some high ones that you will have to put up with when you do want to fund and top up your PayPal account, and you will have to get that account fully verified before they will allow you to use it for betting purposes too!


Cryptocurrencies do seem to be the in thing and if you have started to buy into any of them then you will have a digital wallet which gives you access to your coins or tokens on the blockchain.

That digital wallet is also going to allow you to send cryptocurrency deposits into any betting site or betting app that does accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other digital currency.

What most people who do bet with cryptocurrencies love is that they can often get instant winning pay-outs with no delays when they cash out from most online and mobile sportsbooks that have them listed on their banking interfaces, and most often than not they can bet anonymously too!

Credit Cards

Most if not all betting sites either online or mobile ones are going to allow you to top up your accounts using a credit card, however there are plenty of fees and charges you are likely to be hit with when doing so.

The credit card issuer, if they do let you fund gambling site accounts with their cards will add on a fee known as a cash advance fee when you choose to gamble with their cards which is usually a small percent of the deposit total.

Then if you do not pay off your credit card bill on time you will of course then start incurring interest fees too.

One of the major downsides of using for example a Mastercard credit card is that you cannot have any winnings you achieve credited back into that account, as Mastercard do not permit you to do so, and that will force you to have to use a different withdrawal option if you are lucky enough to win having deposits by a Mastercard credit card!


The web wallet service offered by Skrill was at one time huge popular with online gamblers, for they offered an all in one type of web wallet that allowed their customers to move money into any gambling site and receive their winnings back out from those sites rapidly too.

In fact, their core business revolved around gambling, and they also launched a prepaid debit card that would give their web wallet users access to their funds stored in those wallets, so they could get access to winnings once they had been sent into their Skrill account form an ATM or use those cards at a retail outlet.

Juts keep in mind though that the fees associated with moving money into a Skrill account and then when using their prepaid debit cards can be quite excessive, and whilst once upon a time most gamblers had a Skrill account, not many of them do, as there are plenty of much more cost-effective solutions out there.

Bank Transfers

Delays are one thing that you will have to get used to when making bank transfers or bank wires not only into a betting site account, but when you have chosen one of those two methods as the way you receive your winning pay-outs too.

A fee is often imposed on you by the betting site if you request a withdrawal via a bank transfer and unless you are happy to wait a few days at least, and often much longer over major public holidays and the weekend, then there are much better options available to you.

I am aware too that most gamblers do not want to gamble with funds that they hold directly in their bank accounts, as they could get carried away and blow their entire bank account balance if they are not careful and lack the will power to stop gambling when they are not winning!


Neteller is almost identical to all other web and e-wallets and as such when you open such an account you must send money into the web wallet, which will cost you an additional fee, and then you can choose into which betting or gambling sites accounts you send those funds.

You will also of course be able to cash out your winnings back to your Neteller account and withdraw them to your bank account, request a cheque or even get a prepaid card linked up to that account so you can spend your funds in any retail outlet that accepts that prepaid card or can access your funds at an ATM too!

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are available all over the place these days but as a betting site payment option the fees you are going to have to contend with can and will be very high, so you should only use such payment cards as an emergency and final option if you have no other way of funding a betting site account, as those fees and charges will very quickly mount up!

Mobile Phone Billing

By downloading any of our featured betting sites mobile betting apps every single way of depositing and withdrawing money to and from your account will be on offer as are available on their online betting platforms.

However, you will find an additional method and that is you being able to fund but not withdraw winnings from your phone bill!

Mobile phone billing options permit you to make some low valued deposits into your mobile betting app account at any time of the day or night, and you do not have to worry about paying them back until your phone bill is due.

Cash Payments

Whilst it is very true to say that cash payments are on their way out in many retail environments, cash is still always King when it comes to the betting and gambling industry, and you will be able to pay in cash when you want to top up some betting site accounts and get paid out your winnings from such sites too.

The key to being able to do so is for you to sign up to and register as a new customer at any of the mobile and online betting sites that are owned and operated by land-based betting shop operators.

As most of them will allow you to put cash into such accounts and get paid out your winning in cash too, when you visit one of their betting shops, and there are no additional fees and charges to be paid either!