Betting on Today’s Volleyball Matches

Betting on Today's Volleyball Matches 1It took me quite a while to make sense of the numerous volleyball matches that are being played today, however make sense of those matches I did, and below you are going to find some of the best betting opportunities on selected matches.

Keep in mind though that as most betting sites that are offering you a range of different betting markets on today’s volleyball matches will allow you to perm teams together in multiple bets such as trebles and accumulators, as there are some rick solid favourites playing today those are the types of bets you should be considering placing.

I say that as the odds on the favourites are going to be quite low, odds-on in fact, but the favourites to win such matches often do so with relative ease, hence me suggesting your perm several teams together in a single bet.

Two matches that are scheduled to start later on today that I would suggest you leave well alone, are the Bulgaria v Puerto Rico match and the Russia v Tunisia match, and the reason to leave them will alone is that the favourites to win those two matches, those teams being Bulgaria and Russia are on offer at ridiculously tiny odds of 1/100!

Best Volleyball Team to Back Today

If you are quite happy to back volleyball teams two win even though they may be odds-on to win then I have found on match that you should seriously consider having a punt on, and that is going to be the Japan v Slovenia match.

Whilst Japan does have a chance of winning that match, I do not think that they are going to do so and I am much more of them mind that it will be Slovenia that will win and win quite easily too, and as such their odds of 2/7 sure do look appealing!

Plenty of Other Volleyball Matches Today

Let me now take a look at two other volleyball matches that are going to be in play later today and also let you know if the odds on offer at Ladbrokes are going to be worth securing or not as the case may be!

One team that should win their match later today but are not pencilled up at Ladbrokes with way too low betting odds, given their very good chance of actually winning it Australia and you an back them to win today at odds of 1/6 and it is by the way Cameroon they are playing later and that teams odds are 4/1.

One additional match that I suspect there are not going to be too many if any at all punters backing the favourite it win is in regards to the France v Egypt match.

You cannot possibly back France to win that match even though that is what nearly everybody will think will happen, for their win odds are just 1/100 you an however choose to back Egypt if you do desire, but only do so with caution, for as their respective win odds are 20/1 those odds do give you an insight as to whether they will win or not today!