Betting on the England vs India 2nd Test Match

There are a number of different bets and wagers that you can place on any upcoming cricket matches, in fact I have compiled a cricket betting guide on this very website that will give you an insight into the plethora of different wagers that will be on offer o you.

However, what I would like to do right now is to give you an insight into the odds and betting opportunities that are available on the England vs India Second Test at one betting site that is famed for their above average betting odds, that being Betfred.

If it is an outright match winner type of bet you do fancy placing on the England vs India 2nd Test. Then you will have to decide whether the match will end in a draw, which it may just do or whether England or India will win the match.

As far as what you are going to be rewarded with by way of odds on each of those three possible outcomes the Draw odds are fair and reasonable at 4/1, you can back England to win at odds of 10/11 and if you think India are going to come out on top and win the match their win odds are reasonable too at 7/4.

Bet Outright Without the Draw

You can also bet without the draw, and the affect of doing so will see the odds different that they are on the above betting market, but with one less outcome to worry about you do of course have a 50/50 picking the correct outcome.

As for the way this match will end you have the choice of betting on England at odds of 4/7, or if you prefer you can bet on India at slightly lower odds that if you have included the draw as in the above betting market at odds of 5/4.

Flipping a coin and betting on the outcome is possibly something you have done in the past and you can also bet on a similar thing in the cricket match!

It will of course be the toss of a coin that determines which team will bat first and the odds on offer at Betfred on England winning the toss are 10/11 and you can get the exact same odds on India winning that toss too!

As for what else you are going to be able to bet on the in-play betting markets are going to go live once this cricket match starts so do keep your eyes out for those.

However before the match does start you can cal bet on which team you think will have the first innings lead or whether it will be a tie, and the odds currently up for grabs on that betting markets are 80/1 on a Tie, England are 4/6 and if you think it will be India who get the first innings lead then you should act quickly to bag their current odds of 6/5!