Betting On Rugby

Best Strategy for Betting on Rugby Matches

The types of bets you can place on any up and coming rugby match are going to be huge, for long gone have the days when you could only bet on one of the two teams in any rugby match to simply win that match.

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However, what you are going to very quickly learn as someone who does wish to bet on rugby is that all betting sites, bookmakers shops and sportsbooks will have a house edge often referred to as an over-round in place on their betting markets.

That over-round ensures that if they have a balanced book, the odds they are offering on both teams will guarantee them a profit, and that house edge can be enormous, especially on the cup ties and major rugby matches!

Therefore, as someone who may be about to start betting on rugby for the very first time, you should forget about placing your bets and wagers at a tradition betting site or betting venue and discover the value that is waiting for you by placing your bets and wagers at a betting exchange instead.

Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is a simply betting platform that allows punters to not only place bets at odds they want to place them at, but those platforms also allow punters to lay bets too.

When you lay a rugby bet you must first decide the odds you wish to offer other punters and decide just how much of your bankroll and gambling budget you wish to put at risk too, and then you simply enter that information into the betting exchange, and if your odds are appealing enough another punter will place a bet with you.

The upshot of such peer to peer betting platforms is that the odds you are going to get offered will be higher in value than those available from a tradition bookmakers, sportsbook or betting site and as such the over-round on most if not all rugby betting markets will be tiny too.

This is a way of placing bets and laying bets that is proving to be very popular with punters all over the world, however one thing that you do have to keep in mind is that if you lay a bet and win or place a bet and it wins, then you will be required to pay a commission on those winnings you have achieved.

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On the major and better well-known betting exchanges such as Betfair for example, users who place small valued bets must pay around 5% of their winnings in commission, and higher valued punters pay just 2% of their winnings.

However, that betting exchange also has introduced something known as a premium user commission, which takes a much higher percentage of the winnings high stake sports betters win!

So, I would urge you to shop around and use some of the many other betting exchanges if you are a high valued sports bettor to ensure you find one that is only going to change you the very lowest commission fees when you win!