Bets and Wagers Popular in the US

One thing you are going to very quickly discover when you register and start to bet online at betting sites that may be in different parts of the world than that in which you live in, is that there may be a range of bets that have different names or are unique to one country of the world.

With that in mind and to ensure you are fully aware of the plethora of different bet and wagers types that are going to become available to you when betting at any US facing sportsbooks, I have put together this guide to walk you through each of the bet types you will find on offer at such sites and venue.

When betting at a US facing or US based betting site you will often find you are required to deposit, bet and withdraw your winnings in US Dollars, so make sure that is something you factor into your betting strategy at such sites, as you may be required to turn your home currency into USD before you can bet at such a site, and there will be exchange rate fees and charges when you do so!

Straight Bets and Parlay Bets

There are some very easy to place bets and wagers, and two of them are Straight Beets and Parlay Bets, and no matter where you do end up betting you are always going to be able to place those two types of bets.

Now a Straight Bet is identical to a win or outright winner type of bet, and as such what you are tasked with doing when placing such a bet is to pick out for example an American football team that you think is going to win a match, and then by choosing a stake on placing a Straight Bet on that team if they win you get paid out at the odds you took, or the money lines you took when placing that bet.

A Parlay Bet on the other hand is a slightly higher risk type of bet and one on which you must pick two or more in our example American Football teams to win their matches, but it could be any type of sports betting opportunity you fancy using.

If the first bet you have listed on a Parlay bet wins then the winnings and the stake are then placed onto the next one you chose, and a third, fourth of fifth if you did pick that many teams. The only way to win on such a bet though is by each of your selections winning, if one loses then that bet is a losing one!


Any ante post event is going to be known as a Future market in America, and as such if you fancy placing bets on all manner of outright betting markets way before a sporting event or tournament starts, then just look out for the Future tab on the betting platform you are using.

However, it is worth remembering that the best odds can be had when you do make sue of those betting markets, for the odds on any player or team are going to drop dramatically if they start to play or perform well once an event or tournament starts.


It is usually novelty type bets that you are going to find on a Proposition or Props betting market as they are also known, or any event happening as soon as a sporting fixture has started.

Therefore, one such bet could be which team is going to be awarded a corner in a soccer match first or which player is going to be sent off the pitch for fouling, and so on, so there will be plenty of unusual bets available on such a betting market for sure!

However, never become too obsessed with betting on some of the much higher paying Props when you do make use of such a betting market for they will be on offer at high odds for a good reason, and that is they are unlikely to happen!


Teasers will be confusing to anybody who has never bet at an American facing sports betting site before, but in layman’s terms they are a way for anybody placing a football or basketball wager for example to have the points spread adjusted.

If you have never come cross such a bet type before then visit one of our US approved sports betting sites such as Bovada, for by doing so you will be able to see such a betting market in play and will soon get the hang of adjusting those points spreads for yourself.

Round Robin

The odds available on some favourites to win their respective sporting events can be very low and unattractive at times, and that is when you should consider placing what is known as a Round Robin type of bet.

What that bet is cannot be easier to understand, for it is three double bets from three selections, and as such you will be placing an A and B double, an A and C double and a B and C double from your three sections, so if all of them win you will get higher valued winning pay-outs as opposed to betting on those three selections on single win type bets.

In-Play Betting Opportunities

One final betting market that has taken the betting world by storm is the In-Play betting markets, for what they allow punters to do is to place bets and wagers ones any sporting event has begun.

Therefore, if you had placed a bet on a team to win a soccer match for example before the match started, but they are now two goals down half way through the match, you could choose to bet on the other team to win to help you held that previously placed wager. There are going to be lots of different things you can bet on via an In-Play betting market so keep that in mind!