Bet on the Outright Winner of the Europa League

It is never too early to bet on the team you think is going to win the Europa League, and with that thought rattling round your mind, allow me to give you a quick insight into the current state of play regarding the early betting markets on the Europa League this season.

As there are going to be such a huge number of teams taking part in that league this season, the odds currently available at very generous, take for example the odds on both Chelsea and Arsenal, if there are two teams that are likely to win outright this year it is one of them as the odds on Chelsea are 6/1 and the odds on Arsenal are 7/1 too.

Marseille do look a quite appealing bet at 12/1 and if you are of the mind that it could be a team such as Bayer Leverkusen or Villarreal that will head the league after the final game of the season is played off you can get odds of 16/1 on both of them.

In fact, you can also get odds of 16/1 on Lazio and Sevilla, but you may fancy the very real chances of the likes of Fiorentina, RB Leipzig or Atalanta to win the league this season and if you do then you will be impressed with the current odds of 20/1 available on each of those teams!

Lower the Risk by Betting Each-Way

You may find that betting on who you think is going to win the Europa League title is a tad too risky at this moment in time, and if so then it may be worth considering placing an each-way bet instead.

Such a bet will offer you the chance of getting a winning pay-out at full odds on the win place of that bet and when betting with let’s say Betfred you will receive one half of the win odds you took when placing such a bet if your chosen team ends up in first or second place at the end of the season!

Outsiders That May Be of Interest

There is of course nothing what so ever stopping you from betting on any of the teams that are listed on any Europa League outright betting market, and if you are eager to mop up some much higher odds then a couple of teams worth thinking about are Olympiakos and Real Betis both readily on offer at odds of 25/1

You may however prefer teams such as Braga, Istanbul Basaksehir or even Sporting CP to win the league this season, but obviously everything will have to fall into place if any of those three teams is to have any chance of winning, but if you fancying risking some cash on them doing so their odds are all 40/1

For some even greater winning pay-outs consider placing your money on Gent at 100/1, Aberdeen at 200/1, Vorksla Poltava at 250/1 or even Sigma Olomouc at 500/1, but keep in mind those bets are of course going to be very, very high risk ones!