Bet Now on the Last Few 2nd Round World Cup Matches

Brazil and Mexico will be battling it out today to determine just which one of those two teams will be making it through to the next round of the World Cup, and having seen how some of the matches so far played in that tournament have gone, I wouldn’t put you off betting on any possible outcome in that match!

However, when you balance up the probability and form of each of those two teams, it does look that Brazil have a much greater chance of winning it, and with their odds being 1/2 to win that match, most bookies also do also think they are going to win that match.

You can of course opt for a draw after the first 90 minutes of play and that bet will see you getting odds of around there 16/5 mark at most betting sites.

But you may have decided that the only chance of winning and winning big betting on the 2nd round World Cup matches is by sticking to betting on the outsiders of each match to win, and if you have done so then you can get odds of 7/1 of Mexico winning that match as sites such as Betfred.

Belgium vs Japan

Tonight Belgium will be hoping they can beat Japan in Russia and whether they will or not does remain to be seen, but there cannot be many people out there who do think that Japan have any realistic chance of winning that match.

If you are one of the few people who do think Japan will come out top and progress through to the next round then 9/1 are the odds you will get on them winning, the draw is on offer at odds of 4/1 and you can back Belgium at odds off 4/11.

Second Round Matches on the 3rd of July 2018

Two matches that will be worth watching and of course betting on tomorrow on the 3rd of July 2018 include the Sweden vs Switzerland match along with the Colombia vs England match, and that latter match is going to have some huge volumes of cash being placed on it for sure!

Let’s take a look at the first match that will be kicking off tomorrow, and in that match you will find it is Switzerland that is surprisingly the favourite to win and their odds of doing so are currently 17/10, Sweden are in with a chance of winning and their odds are 21/20, and the draw after 90 minutes of play is on offer at 2/1.

The match that will attract plenty of punters tomorrow is the Colombia vs England match and the outsider is of course Colombia are 3/1, the draw is available at 23/10 and you can secure odds right now on an England win of 11/10, but just keep in mind there is a good chance the match could go Colombia’s way or even end in a draw too!