Bet Now on the 2019 PDC World Championship

Darts is one of those games that you need expert skills to become a professional, and when watching such experts playing you will realise it is a sport that can have a lot of ups and downs.

Therefore, even though one player could be a red-hot favourite to win a match or a tournament, if he isn’t at the top of his form, then there will be nothing he can do to win! It is as this time of the year most betting sites open their futures and early prices markets on some of next year’s major darts tournaments.

One of them is the PDC World Championship that always attracts some of the very best players from around the world, and next year there will be plenty of familiar faces taking their chances in that tournament one of whom is Michael van Gerwen.

Having just studied the early prices on that tournament I see he is currently at very short odds to win it, and as such if you do fancy placing a bet on him now the best odds you can hope for are just even money! But let’s look at some of the other players, for I guarantee you will find some of their odds very appealing.

Players in With a Chance of Winning the PDC World Championship

Apart from the obvious player, who most people seem to think can do no wrong, there are a handful of other players who do have a chance of beating him and taking the title in 2019, and it is those players that are going to have much higher odds attached to them in the early betting markets.

As such, if you do want to bet well ahead of time on this event, as you have a feeling one of the other main fancies players could come out on top and you want to ensure you have taken the best early prices, then let me give you the odds on those players.

Gary Anderson in one of the best darts players around, well he is currently but you are going to be able to secure odds of 6/1 on him winning his event next year and that is certainly too good to miss out on if you are a fan of his.

In fact, there are probably just as many fans of Rob Cross as there are of Gary Anderson, and Rob’s odds are identical currently being 6/1 so you may have to toss a coin to decide where your money should lay!

I think two of the best-known players doing the circuit currently and two much loved players too are Peter Wright whose odds of winning the title next year are 12/1 and of course Phil Taylor, who it is true to say he is out of form but his odds do looking tempting at 33/1!