Best Odds on Upcoming UEFA League B Matches

There is only one betting site that you should be visiting when it comes to special offers, promotional and all manner of different yet well thought-out deals when you fancy backing any of the teams playing in UEFA League matches, and that betting site is BetFred.

This week sees them once again boosting the odds on all upcoming matches in that league and as far as the League B matches go, there are plenty of them scheduled to kick off this week, and I’m sure you will fancy backing some of the teams that will be playing this week.

So without further ado, allow me to take a look at the first match of the week that is going to be in play on the 15th of November, and that is of course the match between Austria v Bosnia-Herzegovina.

By using the odds on offer at betting sites such as BetFred you will soon discover that it is Austria that are expected to win that match as their odds of doing so are 19/20 which are considerably lower that the 12/5 draw odds and the 11/4 odds on a Bosnia-Herzegovina win!

UEFA League B Matches on the 16th of November

You have the pick of two League B matches that are going to be kicking off on the 16th of November 2018 and the first of those matches is the one between Slovakia and Ukraine, the smart money is going on a Ukraine win at odds of 21/10, however it is Slovakia that are the favourites to win at odds of 7.5 and the draw odds are 2/1

The match between Wales and Denmark is one in which Wales are surprisingly the 6/4 favourites to win that match, which has resulted in both the draw odds and away team odds being 2/1!

Two Other League B Matches

On the 17th of November it is the Turkey v Sweden match that you have the chance of betting on, and that does look a slightly difficult match to try and predict the outcome of, for it could easily go to either team or even possibly end in a draw instead.

The odds on offer on Turkey coming out on top and winning that match over at the BetFred betting site are 11/8, you can get odds of 2/1 on the draw and for those of you who are convinced that Sweden will win their odds are attractive at 11/5!

The final UEFA League B match that will be in play this coming week is the one between Northern Ireland and Austria, and that match all being well will be in play on the evening of the 18th of November.

As for just which team that is worth backing to win that match, well I am going to leave that decision to you, suffice to say however that the odds on a Northern Ireland win are 23/20, the draw odds are 13/5 and you can get odds of 21/10 on a Northern Ireland win too!