Best Odds on the World Cup of Golf 2018

There isn’t much time left for you to secure some of the very best odds available on each individual team of players that are going to be taking their respective chances on the World Cup of Golf Tournament!

With that in mind and as one of our featured betting sites, that being Paddy Power are offering some extremely generous odds on that tournament, below you will find an overview of just which teams are attracting the most support currently!

At 5/1 it is the Australia team that is Leishman and Smith that are leading the betting markets, however I wouldn’t say they are red-hot favourites by any stretch of the imagination for their odds are quite high!

In fact, the other much more fancied teams do have some exceptionally high odds attached to them and they include England whose team this year are Hatton and Poulter at 7/1 and the South Africa team who are Grace and Schwartzel at 8/1

Four Places Available at Paddy Power

Paddy Power really do want you to place your World Cup of Golf bets with them this year and you are going to be paid out to four places at one quarter of the win odds when betting each-way with them.

That does of course mean there is a case to be made for backing the United States at their odds of 8/1, Denmark at 9/1 and Belgium who appear to be the value bet of the day at 14/1. Keep in mind too that Paddy Power are never afraid of laying large bets too and they are also famed for paying out all winning punters quickly too!

Teams That May Do Well This Year

The Korea team consists of An and S. W. Kim and they are certainly in with a chance of at least getting placed in one of the final top four positions on this major golf tournament and the same could also be said for the China team that being both Li and Wu.

Those two teams are available at odds of 16/1 right now and if you get a move on and bet sooner rather than later you are also going to be able to secure odds of 16/1 on both the Ireland and Scotland teams too.

There is always the very real chance that one of the outsiders could win the World Cup of Golf this year and with so many teams taking part in it there is always a chance that one of the teams will shine, even if they do have some huge odds available on them doing so on the early betting markets at Paddy Power.

Two other teams that do have fairly respectable odds on offer on them right now are New Zealand and the two players in that team for reference are Fox and Lee and their win odds are 20/1 and also the India team that consists of both Sharma and Lahiri could win and their odds are high at 22/1.