Best Odds Guarantees on the Festival Stakes

It will soon be the starting time for this years Festival Stakes, which is one of many major flat races being held over at Goodwood This year the race will start on Saturday the 26th of May at 13:55, and now is the best time to place your best on just which horse you do think has what is required to win this very tricky flat race.

The reason why now is the time you should be placing your best on that race, even though it is still a few days away, is that many of our featured betting sites are offering a best odds guarantee on their early betting markets.

That means that if you choose to take the odds that are on offer currently, and those odds shorten then you will of course have secured the best odds available, however if the starting price on your chosen horse is higher than the odd you took, you get paid out at the higher odds instead.

There is also an each-way betting market offered by all bookmakers on this race, and with that in mind below I will explain the advantage of shopping around for the best odds on each-way bets and the best terms of such bets and giving you an insight into the early prices being offered on that race too.

Bet Each-Way on the Festival Stakes

Many first-time punters and those that only have an occasional punt on a horse race will often choose to place an each-way bet on the horse they fancy winning a race, for they get some money back if their horse doesn’t win but gets placed in one of the higher positions in the race.

However, as somebody who does fancy placing such a bet you need to be aware of how it is structured and how the bet works, long before you ever hand over your money!

When you do place an each-way bet what you are essentially doing is placing a two-part bet, the first part of the bet which must be an equal stake of the second bet, covers your horse to win its race.

The second part of the bet will pay you out a percentage of the win odds if it doss finish in one of the top positions on its race, the number of places a betting site will pay out to on the place element of an each-way bet and the percentage of the win odds they will give you can vary, so you need to find a  betting site offering the highest number of placed positions and the highest percentage of the win odds too on such a bet!

For reference the best set of pay-outs I have found on an each-way on the Festival Stakes race are with Paddy Power who are going one fifth of the win odds on the first three positions on the place part of an each-way bet, so it may just pay dividends to place such a bet with them!

Current Early Prices on the Festival Stakes

Let me know enlighten you on the best early priced odds I have come across on each of the runner sin the Festival Stakes race this year, and the current favourite to win that race, but only just is Euginio whose odds are currently 3/1

Desert Encounter is chalked up as the second favourite, and if you think that horse has got what it takes to win a race of this calibre, and plenty of other punters think it does have, then you should bet your money placed at 7/2!

Spark Plug could tempt you to art with your cash for current that horse is available at Paddy Power at odds of 4/1, but one horse I do have my eye on is Algometer who current odds seem to be very generous at 9/2!

If you do however fancy an each-way bet but you want some value in such a bet then a few other runners that could spring a surprise and win or at the very least run into a placed position include First Sitting who is on offer currently at odds of 6/1, Autocratic at 8/1 or even What About Carlo who is available at odds of 10/1

The other runners are not fancies at all and as such their odds do reflect their chances of winning this race, and a couple worth mentioning are Another Touch at odds of 12/1, Billesdon Bess who is also at 12/1 and you could choose to have a speculative punt on Uele River at 20/11