Best NFL Money Lines for Week 12

Betting on NFL is something that I am aware plenty of you out there enjoy doing, in fact plenty of bookies will be offering you plenty of betting opportunities, and when you set about betting at sites such as BetFred you are always going to find plenty of matches to bet on and with much higher odds too.

There are plenty of matches that you are going to be able to bet on this coming weekend, and as such below I have put together a guide glance guide of the matches that could be worth betting on, much more so thanks to the odds available at bookies such as BetFred.

As long as you keep in mind that those NFL teams that are favourites to win their matches are not going to have huge money line odds attached to them, and possibly perm a few teams together in an Acca bet you shouldn’t go too far wrong, and the winnings are of course there for the taking too.

One match that will be worth backing the favourite in for sure is the New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles match and it is the Giants that are filmy going to put their mark on that match and win it, and their money lines odds are 2/5 to do just that.

Seattle Seahawks Look a Solid Bet

The Seattle Seahawks face a relatively easy task this coming weekend and with money line odds of 4/7 they should win their match against the Carolina Panthers with great ease, and the same can also be aid for the Jets at 1/4 and that match is of course the New England Patriots v New York Jets match.

The Cleveland Browns are looking good for their upcoming match this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals, and once again BetFred are offering you some of the very best money line odds which for reference are 8/13 on the Browns to win that match which I am convinced they are going to do so!

Other NFL Matches worthy of a Bet!

It is up to your where you place your hard earned cash on NFL matches this weekend but when it comes to matches such as the San Francisco 49ers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers match I would certainly advise a punt on the 49ers at their current odds of 4/7 as there is plenty of value in those NFL money line odds at BetFred for sure!

As far as which team should win the Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills match you probably not go too far wrong backing the Bills at odds of 4/7.

One other match that I do think is worth something of a speculative put is the Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens match, now I know the Raiders are favourites to win that match and you probably know that too as they are trading at money line odds of 2/11, but I do get the feeling the Ravens are going to win at much better odds of 4/1!