Best Football Bets for This Weekend

I doubt you are going to find it difficult to find a range of betting opportunities that will interest you this weekend, if betting on football matches is something you enjoy doing, however I really would urge you to take a look over this weekend’s football betting markets at Ladbrokes.

I have spotted several teams that are currently chalked up on that betting market that have some overly generous odds attached to them, and to enlighten you on just which teams they are you will find a full overview of each of them below.

The very first match I think is going to be worth betting on this weekend is the Blackpool v AFC Wimbledon match, it is Blackpool that Ladbrokes have on offer as the favourite team to win that match at odds of 21/20 and they go 9/4 on the draw, but the value bet has to be AFC Wimbledon who may just win that match at odds of 11/4!

Moving on over to the Bournemouth v Southampton, I cannot see any other outcome of that match but a win for Bournemouth, but as Ladbrokes are offering even money on that team then that is where you should be placing your bet on this match, for reference they are also going 5/2 on the draw and a win for Southampton.

Bradford v Rochdale

The Bradford v Rochdale match is a tricky one to try and get your head around, for it is fair to say the match could go to either team or could even end in a draw instead.

As for the odds that Ladbrokes will be offering you on that match they have Bradford chalked up at odds of 19/10, the draw is available at 23/10, however my money is going on a win for Rochdale who I do feel should in that match away from home and the odds I got this morning were 7/5, which by the way are still available!

Will Bristol Rovers and Bristol City Win?

It will be Brentford that are taking their chances against Bristol City this weekend and as far as the way I think that match will end, well I don’t think it will be Bristol City that will come out on top, but if you do you can back odds of 7/2 on them doing so.

I do know plenty of you out there will be tempted to secure the 14/5 win odds on the draw, however as far as where the smart money appears to be going on that match, well that is a win for Brentford whose odds are currently 8/11!

Bristol Rovers are scheduled to take on Oxford Utd this weekend and it does look like they do have an outstanding chance of winning that match, but Ladbrokes do appear to have them very overpriced and on offer at odds of 5/4.

I you think the match is going to end in a draw then the 12/5 odds they are also offering on that match seem fair, but I doubt that Oxford United are going to impress anyone on the pitch this coming Saturday and their win odds of 21/10 may seem reasonable, but their chance of winning that match surely are very low?