Best Bookmakers and Sportsbooks for Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting may or may not be of interest to you, however if you have embraced it and no longer want to have to trek down to your local bookies shop to place such bets there are of course plenty of online betting sites that have such games on offer.

They are simply races and sporting events that do not take place in the real world sporting environment, but are for want to a better term, cartoon type races on which you will be offered a range of betting odds on all manner of outcomes on a range of sporting events that are played out on your computer screen in a virtual environment.

I have however noticed that some betting sites offer a unique range of virtual sports betting opportunities or tend to offer some much better odds on the virtual races they offer, and the latter is of course what every sports bettor and punter should be looking for when betting on these types of sporting events.

As such below you will find an overview of some of the main categories of virtual sporting events and I will be letting you know which betting sites are the ones you should be placing your bets at! Plus, each of those sites will be offering their own unique range of bonus offers that you can claim and make use of when you start betting on their virtual betting markets too!

Virtual Horse and Greyhound Racing

I would steer you towards the Betfred betting site if you have a very keen interest in placing bets and wagers on either virtual horse races or virtual greyhound races, for Betfred offer them twenty four hour a day seven days a week too!

That does of course mean that no matter at what time of the night of day you fancy placing bets on greyhound or horse racing in a virtual environment you are going to find a very good mix of different races up and running.

You are also going to be able to place all manner of different bets on those virtual races too, so you are not only faced with being able to bet to win or each-way you can for example place straight forecasts and tricast bets on those races.

By doing so you will find there are some much bigger winning payouts on offer on such bets, even if you are only placing small modestly sized bets. Thanks to Betfred being famed for their bonus offers and promotional deals you are certainly going to be offered plenty of ongoing promotional offers that will help you increase the value of your bankroll when betting on those types of virtual sports.

You can also switch between betting sites at Betfred too, so if you fancy placing a few virtual bets and then place bets on real life sporting events you can also quickly and easily and move your bankroll around their different betting sites too.

Virtual Football Matches

William Hill are no doubt a betting site that you have heard and have come across before, and thanks to their huge number of different betting and gambling sites, it is very safe and fair to say that no matter what you fancy gambling on they will be offering you plenty of betting opportunities on at least one of their sites that will suit you down to the ground!

Regarding their virtual sports betting opportunities, whilst they do offer every possible type of virtual sports games via their website, if you fancy playing and betting on some of the more unusual ones, then do consider checking out and getting involved in their virtual football matches.

What you will be pleased to hear about those virtual football matches is that they do not last a full 90 minutes instead the matches are cut down in size to around 20 or 30 seconds, and will feature the highlights of those virtual matches.

Much like when you set about betting on real life football match, William Hill will be offering you all manner of different football related best and wagers that you can place on those matches.

You will also be able to place bets on those virtual matches that suits your bankroll, so never be under the impression you are going to have to wager some very large amounts of cash, as that is never going to be the case, and an special bonus if also available to punters who do give their range of virtual sports games a little bit of play time too!

Virtual Motor Sports

Head on over to Ladbrokes if you are looking to place every possible type of bet and wager on virtual motor sports races, for Ladbrokes have recently invested heavily in their virtual sports betting platform on which you really are going to find a huge range of virtual events scheduled to take place throughout the day and night.

It has to be the actual graphics, animations and sound effects that do bring their range of virtual motor sports races to life and you are of course going to be offered some very comprehensive betting markets on each of those races they hold too.

But it is not only motor sport races you can place a bet on, sit back and watch when betting with Ladbrokes for much like the betting site I have mentioned up above you will also find a full set of other virtual sporting events up and running daily.

Special promotional offers are also regularly showered on customers of the Ladbrokes betting site, much more so if you do enjoy betting on virtual sports in general, and with some very low over-rounds on offer on each of their virtual sporting events you are going to be offered true valued betting odds on each one you do decide to bet on.

Fast pay-outs are also offered by Ladbrokes and you are also going to find plenty of different deposit options and withdrawal options are also available to you too!