Belgium vs England Third Place Play Off

Many people are unaware that there are two matches yet to be played in the FIFA World Cup tournament of 2018, obviously the final game between France and Croatia is the one most people are aware of, but there is also the match that will determine just which team finishes in third place.

That match is between Belgium and England, and much like all other matches so far played off you do have plenty of betting opportunities available to you on that match, if you do fancy having a bet on it.

The most obvious betting market is of course the outright winner one, and the odds available on Belgium to win in the first 90 minutes of play are 6/5, you can back the draw at 13/5, but if you think that England are going to win and achieve third place in this tournament by winning in the first 90 minutes their odds of doing so are 9/4.

How Will the Belgium vs England Game Be Won?

The above betting market I gave you an insight into will allow you to bet on just which team you think will win in the first 90 minutes, however you can also place a few additional bets if you think the match will either go into extra time or will be decided by a penalty shoot out.

The odds on Belgium winning but in Extra-Time is 9/1 and the odds currently available on Belgium winning but by Penalties is 12/1. You can also bet on England winning this match in Extra-Time at odds of 11/1, and the odds on offer for England to win on Penalties are 12/1.

First Player to Score a Goal

I think it’s safe to say that at some point in the first 90 minutes of play there will be at least one goal scored in this match, and therefore you can place a bet on just which player, from either team, that you think is going to be the player to score the very first goal of this match.

As for the odds you are going to be offered, well that does of course depend on just which player you select, and of course which betting site you choose to bet at, Betfred do have the following Belgium players chalked up as the odds displayed, Romelu Lukaku at 10/3, Michy Batshuayi at 9/2 and Eden Hazard is on offer at odds of 6/1.

For slightly higher odds on the first goal scorer you can also bet on Dries Mertens at 7/1 and Kevin De Bruyne at 9/1. However, you may think it is going to be an England player that will score the very first goal and the players that are most likely to do that are Harry Kane at 10/3 and Jamie Vardy at 5/1.

Any England player could score the first goal of course and some others which you may fancy the chances of doing just that include Marcus Rashford at 8/1, Raheem Sterling at 8/1, Danny Welbeck at 10/1 and also Dele Alli whose odds of scoring the first goal in this match at Betfred are 12/1.