Basketball Betting Guide

It can be very easy to get carried away when you start betting on Basketball, for if you do quickly master the very fine art of being able to predict just which team will win each match, the rewards being offered to by the odds that are on offer to you from lots of different betting sites can be huge!

However, having said that, for most people sports betting in general is something the do once or twice a week and will tend to bet with their hearts on the team they are a fan of or they will bet with their head, and will be addicted to studying form and working out just which team should win each match, and then place their best accordingly.

This guide is going to be of use, probably to the latter category of sports betting, for I am going to be letting you know when, how and where you should be placing any Basketball bets.

But to ensure though that you do get a hassle free and very enjoyable sports betting experience, and one with plenty of value, click on any of our listed betting sites links, as by doing so you will instantly qualify for our new customer sign up welcome bonuses!

Bet on Basketball Leagues and Tournaments

By becoming a sports bettor, you are going to have to get used to odds moving in one direction or another, and that is certainly going to be the case regarding Basketball betting, as there can be some volatile betting odds on all related betting matches.

Having said that though there is a way that you can often secure some huge odds on Basketball teams, and that is by making use of the early odds or ante post betting markets as they are known. Those are betting markets that are open weeks before a Basketball season or tournament begins.

You will of course need to predict the winner of a league or tournament to win when using such betting markets, but by picking out the team that you hope will win weeks or in some cases months before they place their first matches in a league or tournament the odds will be much higher than what they ever will be if they begin to win plenty of matches!

All our featured betting sites are going to be offering you such betting markets, so you can pick any of them to sign up to and bet at!

Unique Basketball Bet Types

A simple outright winner bet is one that you can place on any team to win either a match, a league or any major Basketball tournament, and you choose a stake, accept the odds that are offered to you can place your bet and if that bet wins you are paid out accordingly.

Some people only place those types of bets but believe me there are plenty of additional ones that you can choose to make use of, and one is a correct score bet on which, in return for correctly predicting the final score of any match you will be rewarded with some very high odds.

You can also place a bet on which team will win but having first been given a head start for betting purposes, those types of bets are known as Asian Handicap betting markets and most betting sites have them available.

If you do place a bet before the start of a match, and then when the match starts you realise your chosen team may not win due to the way they are currently playing, buy using an in-play betting market you can bet as the match is in play1

Best Types of Basketball Betting Bonuses

Enhanced betting odds promotions are often going to be offered to you when you set about betting of Basketball matches. However, it will usually be the teams a bookie think is not going to win that they will increase the odds on!

But if you do fancy one of the underdogs in a match, then hunt around and try and find a range of betting sites that will be increasing the odds on the teams you fancy, and higher odds does of course mean more winnings.

Some betting sites will also offer you a free bet each week or month if you do place at the very least one bet in the week before they give away their free best to their loyal customers.

So, if you are planning on betting on one or more teams throughout the Basketball season it will be worth doing a little bit of research to find the betting sites that do offer ongoing free best to punters who bet with them at least once a week.

But be aware of any minimum stake requirements needed for you to then qualify for a free bet each week, as they can different from site to site.

Bet on Basketball on an App

Thanks to the speed at which you can place a bet using a betting app, and as there are no major compromises what so ever when using such an app, so maybe it’s about time you did some research as to the best one you should make use off, if you don’t already use one!

I am happy to let you know that all the sports betting sites and online bookmakers that you will find reviewed and showcased upon this website have their own unique betting app and they are all compatible with any type of touchscreen mobile device too.

You can launch your app at any time and place a bet in a matter of seconds and imagine how handy that will be if you are sat in a sports stadium waiting for a Basketball match to start, as you can bet on that match from within that venue instantly.

As most betting apps also have line and in-play betting markets on all Basketball matches, you can also place a bet whilst a match is in play and will find the odds constantly change in one direction or another as the match unfolds!