American Football Betting Guide

The number of American Football matches that are in play each week is of course huge, and as someone who do enjoy betting as well as watching those matches you need to know what are the betting opportunities and the betting markets that are available to you.

That is why I have put together the following American Football betting guide, for it can be very confusing when you do set about placing you very first few best and wagers on this ever-popular sport, and by reading this guide through you should be able to make better sense of what you can bet on and where!

I would always advise you to make a point of ongoing signing up to fully licensed betting sites and sportsbooks, but also those that are famed for their hassle-free approach to betting, and as such those sportsbooks you do see listed throughout this website are by far and aware the best ones to bet at!

Plus, with our exclusive welcome bonuses that are up for grabs you never know, you may get off to a winning start no matter which American Football team you do want to have a financial interest in!

Bet on American Football Leagues and Tournaments

The most common types of bets that are placed on American Football are those on which you simply must predict the winner, and that could be the winner of a single match, a league or any American Football tournament too.

However, the one piece of advice I can give you when you do want to bet on a team to win, is to try and place your bets as early as you possible can do. I say that are early odds offered to you are often going to be much higher well in advance of a tournament starting for example, than they will be when the tournament gets underway.

There are of course risks attached to betting well in advance, but if you pick the betting sites you do place your ice hockey bets and wagers at you are not going to run the risk of the betting sites closing and vanishing into the night when you do bet weeks or even months in advance of any league, match or tournament starting, so do keep that in mind!

Unique American Football Bet Types

I would tend to sway you away from betting on money lines for when you do so the best you can hope for is a close to even money winning pay-out on whichever team you choose to bet on, if of course they then go on to win their match

With that in mind any of the UK or European based betting sites are going to be the best ones to bet at for you are going to be able to place all manner of different bets, one of which is the final score betting market.

There will also be an under and over betting market too, and you could also bet on any player in either team to score, and their odds offered before the match starts will reflect their chances of scoring of course.

You can also perm several American Football teams together in a single bet, and if each team wins then the winnings and you stakes from each of them roll over onto each of them those best are known as parlay or accumulator bets.

But be aware for such a bet to be a winning on every single team you select, and you can select as many teams as you like, must win their respective matches!

Best Types of American Football Betting Bonuses

The value to be had by making use of a well-designed American betting site bonus should never be underestimated, for you are always going to want the very best chance of winning when you do bet on that sport but just as importantly you want to get the highest possible pay-outs too.

Therefore, one betting bonus that may appeal to you is a money back type of offer, on which once you place your bet if the team you bet on loses but something happens in the match that the betting site you are betting with predicted, then that losing bet is paid back to you as a free bet.

But also, be on the lookout for deposit match bonuses, for since American Football betting is of course popular with Americans, and as most online and mobile sportsbooks that cater for such customers will offer deposit match bonuses, there will be plenty of them you can pick and choose from.

But the best deposit match American Football betting bonus are the ones that only make you roll over your bonus funds a small number of times before they become cash credits!

Bet on American Football on an App

As you will know there are plenty of different ways that you can bet on any up and coming scheduled American Football matches, however not everybody is going to be located nearby a sportsbook or betting shop when they do fancy placing a bet on any such match.

With that in mind consider not only the benefits of opening an online betting site account, but also downloading and installing a mobile betting app too.

By doing so, if for example you are at a mate’s house watching an American Football match, and you fancy placing a bet on it before it starts or when it has started, you will be able to do just that by launched your mobile betting app and then choosing which of the many different available betting opportunities you fancy placing a bet on!

In case you are wondering you will be able to bet on just as many outcomes that could occur during a match as you would when betting using an online betting site or even when visit a betting shop or sportsbook, so you won’t be limited on what you can bet on when using an app and can place small or high valued wagers too!